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Ca' Foscari University of Venice

Founded on August 6, 1868 as the “Scuola Superiore di Commercio” (Advanced School for Commerce), Ca’ Foscari was the first Italian institution to deal with advanced education in Business and Economics. The original main office is still found in the grand gothic palace “volta de canal” (on the bend of the Grand Canal), in the heart of Venice.


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Without home cooling, Phoenix’s weeks with temperatures over 110 F in July 2023 became dangerous. Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Extreme heat is particularly hard on older adults – an aging population and climate change put ever more people at risk

Health and climate change researchers explain the risks and why older adults, even those in northern states, need to pay attention.
The Internet is anything but immaterial, as all those messages, images, and videos live in data centres, which consume immense amounts of energy. Rawpixel

Could video streaming be as bad for the climate as driving a car? Calculating Internet’s hidden carbon footprint

The energy consumption of Internet use has multiplied by a thousand-fold in 20 years. So how can we better visualise our energy ‘spending’ and reduce carbon emissions?
Un employé municipal désinfecte la place Saint-Marc, lieu emblématique de la cité italienne, dépeuplée, le 11 mars dernier. Marco Sabadin / AFP

Venise au pic de la crise : comment sortir de l’ultra-dépendance au tourisme ?

Miser sur l’identité artisanale et le développement durable apparaissent comme les pistes à privilégier pour sauver la Sérénissime, actuellement désertée par les visiteurs.


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