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California State University Long Beach is a diverse, student-centered, globally-engaged public university committed to providing highly-valued undergraduate and graduate educational opportunities through superior teaching, research, creative activity and service for the people of California and the world.


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Children’s books need better representation of people of color. Ariel Skelley/Getty Images

Rooting out racism in children’s books

Books can help children develop a sense of identity. But when characters of color are portrayed negatively, that can send a wrong message to kids.
What happened to make plague able to cause devastating epidemics, as in this depiction from 1349? Pierart dou Tielt/Wikimedia

Plague was around for millennia before epidemics took hold – and the way people lived might be what protected them

People caught and died from plague long before it caused major epidemics like the Black Death in the middle ages. Could what scientists call cultural resistance be what kept the disease under control?
A Yemeni national, denied entry into the U.S. because of the travel ban, shows their cancelled visa to reporters as they successfully arrive at Washington Dulles International Airport. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/Files

What Trump’s travel ban really looks like, almost two years in

Was the ban a Muslim ban – or was that just an anti-Trump narrative? A political scientist combs through the data for answers.
Provinces géologiques du Globe. USGS/Wikipedia

Pourquoi vouloir imposer l’anthropocène ?

Si l’influence de l’homme sur notre planète ne peut être contestée, pourquoi vouloir à tout prix la qualifier d’ère géologique ? Elle a sa place dans le calendrier de l’histoire humaine.
Globe au paléozoïque. Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, Montana. Tim Evanson/Flickr

L’Anthropocène et l’échelle des temps géologiques

L’Anthropocène, ou « ère de l’humain » est un concept avancé par certains scientifiques, et devenu très populaire. Pour l’évaluer, passage en revue de la notion d’échelle des temps géologiques.


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