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Cancer Council is Australia’s peak national non-government cancer control organisation. Its vision is to minimise the threat of cancer to Australians, through successful prevention, best treatment and support.


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Better diets and more exercise could prevent 43,000 cancer diagnoses a year. joshbousel

One in four cancers preventable – but first we need the willpower

Cancer is one of the most common public health threats facing Australians and accounts for nearly one-fifth of the disease burden in this country. The direct cost to the Australian community is approaching…
Bowel cancer screening shouldn’t just be limited to Australians turning 50, 55 and 60. duvelNZ

Bowel cancer screening delays all about dollars but make no sense

In more than 30 years of treating cancer patients, I have seen some health policy decisions that defy common sense. But the most senseless of all is Treasury’s continued refusal to expand the National…

Monday’s medical myth: stress causes cancer

Cancer is a disease of the body’s cells that affects around half of all Australians by the age of 85. Normally cells grow and multiply in a controlled way. But if something causes a mistake to occur in…
Food labels may help curb the obesity epidemic but opponents willfully misrepresent what we know about them. Marshall Astor

Seeing red: critics of better food labels fail to understand public health measures

Nutritional labels on food packaging empower consumers to make healthier and more informed food choices. But like other measures taken for public health, food labelling also has its critics. There’s clear…
More than seven thousand Australians die each year of lung cancer but not all are smokers. Flickr/Social is better

Lung cancer patients deserve greater support, whether they smoke or not

Each year 40,000 Australians die from cancer-related illness – the number one cause being lung cancer. Surprised? You’re not alone. According to a recent Galaxy poll which asked asked Australians which…
Hookahs are actually more dangerous because users are likely to puff more frequently.

Monday’s medical myth: hookahs are less harmful than cigarettes

After decades of successful anti-tobacco campaigns, we’re all familiar with the risks of smoking. But how do the health harms of cigarettes compare with those of other smoking devices? The hookah, also…


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