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Cancer Council Queensland

Cancer Council Queensland is the state’s leading non-government community organisation in cancer control, focussing on prevention, detection, research and treatment. The organisation was established in 1961 as the Queensland Cancer Fund, in response to an increasing need for cancer-related services across the state.


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The predictive tool might help women make decisions about changing their lifestyle. Image from

Tool to predict women’s cancer risk could prompt lifestyle changes

Researchers in the United States have developed a new model to predict women’s risk of developing breast, uterine and ovarian cancer, based on individual lifestyle factors. These three cancers make up…
Better diets and more exercise could prevent 43,000 cancer diagnoses a year. joshbousel

One in four cancers preventable – but first we need the willpower

Cancer is one of the most common public health threats facing Australians and accounts for nearly one-fifth of the disease burden in this country. The direct cost to the Australian community is approaching…
Prostate cancer survival rates for rural and urban men have widened. AAP

The prostate gap: why you’re worse off in the country

Australia has seen many major advances in disease screening, treatment and surgery over the past few decades. But this progress hasn’t been shared equally around the country. People living outside major…


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