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The Centenary Institute is an independent leader in medical research seeking improved treatments and cures for cancer, cardiovascular and infectious diseases. The Institute works to discover new prevention, early diagnosis and treatment options to enable each generation to live a longer, healthier life than the one before.


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Maybe we’re not as different as we’d like to think. pcgn7

Talk it over: language, uniquely, makes us human

We humans tend to consider ourselves apart from other species. But we’re not really so different. So what makes us unique? I’d say it’s language, though not everyone would agree. Some people insist it’s…
A new study shows the liver destroys the cells responsible for rejected organ transplants.

Wonder organ – how the liver finds and destroys immune cells

Most people only think about their liver when recovering from a big night of drinking when it’s busily producing enzymes to break down the alcohol. But this “factory” of the body is vital for survival…
Could cleanliness be causing the rise of auto-immune diseases and allergies? Arlington County/flickr

How clean is too clean? Trust your gut instincts

Could our obsession with cleanliness in our homes be working against us? Advertisers fetishise germ-free kitchens and bathrooms where the threat of “harmful bacteria” is always lurking but can be eradicated…

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