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An artist’s impression of the Double Pulsar system in which the two pulsars orbit each other every 2.5 hours and send out high-energy beams that sweep across the sky. Image credit: John Rowe Animations/CSIRO

We counted 20 billion ticks of an extreme galactic clock to give Einstein’s theory of gravity its toughest test yet

Astronomers watched a pair of pulsars for 16 years to test the theory of general relativity, which has stood unchallenged for over a century.
L’année 2021 devrait afficher 39 milliards de tonnes d’émissions de CO₂. Shutterstock

Combien de tonnes d’émissions de CO₂ pouvons-nous encore nous permettre ?

Après une forte baisse des émissions en 2020 due à la pandémie de Covid-19, 2021 témoigne d’une inquiétante reprise, souligne la nouvelle étude du Global Carbon Projet.
TR STOCK / Shutterstock

Las emisiones globales vuelven a los niveles prepandémicos después de la caída de 2020

Preocupa especialmente la tendencia al alza a largo plazo de las emisiones de CO₂ procedentes de la quema de combustibles fósiles, que están lejos de llegar a cero en 2050.

Global emissions almost back to pre-pandemic levels after unprecedented drop in 2020, new analysis shows

Most concerning is the long-term upward trends of CO₂ emissions form burning fossil fuels, which are far from trending towards net-zero by 2050.
The latest climate change assessment by scientists is a ‘code red for humanity’, according to the UN. Toa55/Shutterstock

Have climate change predictions matched reality? Podcast

How scientists are improving their understanding of the connection between extremes and climate change – and what’s to come. Listen to The Conversation Weekly.


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