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With more than 44,000 students, Curtin University is one of Australia’s largest tertiary institutions. Based in Perth, Western Australia, it boasts a strong international presence with campuses in Sydney, Singapore and Malaysia. Curtin offers a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business, health sciences, humanities, Aboriginal studies, science and engineering. It is also recognised for its research in the areas of minerals and energy, ICT and emerging technologies, health and sustainable development.


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Australian banks improved their efficiency after the introduction in 2003 of the ASX Principles of Good Corporate Governance, which aimed for improved governance mechanisms and thus better control over bank management. AAP Image/Paul Miller

Good corporate governance is good for banks’ bottom line

Good corporate governance is good for efficiency and profit in banks. But having independent board members and the number of board meetings don't play a role, research shows.
Behavioural activation rivals other therapies and medication in the treatment of depression. Peter Miller/Shutterstock

Explainer: what is behavioural activation for depression?

Behavioural activation aims to increase engagement in activities we value, which boosts our chances of deriving pleasure and a sense of achievement from life.
HILDA data shows superannuation will soon overtake the family home as the major asset owned by Australians. Paul Miller/AAP

Wealth inequality shows superannuation changes are overdue

Superannuation changes are sorely needed because recent data shows only a small number of wealthy Australians are accumulating wealth through it.
China has the most extensive high-speed rail network in the world, which has helped reduce the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. Jason Lee/Reuters

High-speed rail? At $200 billion we’d better get it right

High-speed rail is now a well-established technology and Australia needs it, as long as the project ticks all the boxes needed to deliver both private and public benefits.
Sur la Promenade des Anglais, à Nice, au lendemain de l’attaque au camion lors des festivités du 14-Juillet. Valery Hache/AFP

La menace du terrorisme low-tech

L’attentat de Nice est un terrifiant exemple de ces attaques low-tech encouragées par les organisations terroristes et qui menacent nos sociétés au quotidien.
Though eventually shot dead, the Nice attacker managed to exact a dreadful toll primarily through use of a vehicle. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

Nice attack: how vulnerable are we to ‘low-tech terror’?

The Nice attack shows what dreadful impact can be caused by the use of an innocuously familiar part of modern life – a motor vehicle.

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