Donetsk State Management University

Donetsk State University of Management is a State-run higher education establishment founded in 1992 and accredited by the IV the highest level of national accreditation. DSUM mission is to train new competitive generation of specialists in the field of management with distinct creative thinking to serve the needs of professional world by means of the quality continuing education in accordance with international standards for intensive sustainable society development in the knowledge-based economy. DSUM is a dynamic, modern, forward-looking higher education institution, which successfully combines the educational and research activities, invests into harmonious the spiritual and physical development of students and supports many international contacts. We seek to prepare our students for life in an increasingly complex, rapidly changing world. Training is carried out on the following educational-and-qualification levels: Bachelor, Specialist/Master, MBA. Also DSUM offers PhD programs and post-diploma re-training programs to working professionals. Full-time Master program taught in English was launched in 2010 and covers the field of management of international economic affairs. There are programs for full-time and part-time students who can pursue their degree in the fields of economics, management, marketing, finance, sociology, law or social management. DSUM uses a unified credit transfer scheme compatible with European universities. Part-time form of study includes undergraduate and graduate education offered through both resident instruction and online delivery. It allows to gain excellent academic qualifications and experience to busy people who wish to increase their knowledge and skills through combination of study process and career development.

Each year about 8000 students study at DSUM attending the lectures and seminars conducted by more than 500 highly qualified teaching staff including doctors and candidates (PhD) of sciences and among them academicians of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, academicians of branch academies of sciences of Ukraine. Campus facilities include 7 study buildings and 6 comfortable hostels where housing is guaranteed for all five years. For students’ service there are numerous computer classes with free Wi-Fi Internet connection. Students have free medical care and treatment for minor injuries at Medical Service.

The University’s library is an essential support to study, teaching, and research activities. Almost 230 000 copies of books and periodicals represent important information service. The library has a collection of textbooks and reference publications on electronic data carriers and an e-catalogue based on the automated library system Unilib. The library divisions are opened in dormitories as well. Aside from the academic experience a student will receive at the University, he/she may also participate in the other spheres of student life that make educational experience unique. Athletic clubs, field trips, students self-governance, dancing clubs are some of the activities available to them. Various services provide students with information on extracurricular activities during their time at the University. There is a wide range of opportunities to spend summer or winter vacations in Ukraine and abroad. Different trips are organized by the Students Council. Donetsk State University of Management with its 23 sport clubs for students is recognized as one of the most sports-oriented universities among non-sport institutions of higher education.

Among our graduates and present students there are 9 World Champions, 16 Champions of Europe, 221 Champions of Ukraine, 275 Winners of International Cups, 108 Winners of Regional Competitions, 5 students of DSUM were members of Ukraine national team at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Starting from 1996 the University has realized the policy of establishing colleges in Donetsk region. The idea was to provide education at BA level to population of small-sized towns. They are: • Ugledar College carries out BA training of students in Finance and Credit, and Management. The College offers full-time and part-time forms of training. • Yasynovataya College was founded to grant students for BA degree in Finance and Credit, and Management. The College offers part-time form of training. • Torez College provides BA education for students on the following specialties: Finance and Credit, Production Management, Non-Production Management, Management of Foreign Economic Activities.

The Mariupol branch of DSUM was founded as a structural division of Donetsk State University of Management in 2002. The Centre provides education for students at Bachelor degree programs in Finance and Credit, Marketing, Management, Production Sphere Management, Non-production Sphere Management, Management of Foreign Economic Activities specialties. The Colleges graduates have an opportunity to continue their education at Donetsk State University of Management at Master programs. The University’s strategic priority today is to adjust study programs according to the European standards of higher education with the purpose to become a distinguished education-and-research centre with the valuable input to the economic and social life of the region and the country.
So far more than 16 thousand University graduates have become highly qualified specialists, who joined the ranks of management elite of Donetsk city, Donetsk region and Ukraine.


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