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Drury is a university that honors and effectively links liberal arts and sciences to the study of professional areas. In doing so, students are more authentically connected to:

Why what they are learning matters and how they can apply it in real life. Why decisions, both personally and professionally, should come from a place of ethics and morality. Faculty: accessibility is a point of pride for us because we are a teaching university. The community: in the classroom, on campus and beyond. Thought leaders and mentors: from freshman year to graduation to job search to alumni connections. At Drury, students make lifelong connections. Wellness and sustainability as a way of life rather than a task. We believe healthy people lead happier, longer, more productive lives. Community outreach as part of a life well lived. A spirit of entrepreneurship, which inspires confidence, creativity and accountability. An environment of collaboration where students are actively involved in enhancing their Drury experience. A life well lived: Drury students learn how to connect dreams and aspirations to successful futures.


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