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Dublin City University

Dublin City University is situated between Glasnevin, Santry, Ballymun and Whitehall on the Northside of Dublin. Created as the National Institute for Higher Education, Dublin in 1975, it enrolled its first students in 1980 and was elevated to university status in 1989.

The university currently has around 6,000 undergraduate students, more than 600 research postgraduates and 1,800 taught postgraduate students.


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Les stations d’épuration sont actuellement d’énormes infrastructures. GERARD JULIEN / AFP

Une solution radicale et portative pour purifier l’eau

Certains polluants subsistent dans l’eau malgré les traitements appliqués en station d’épuration. La technologie « électrochimique sans-fil » permet de mieux traiter les eaux polluées.
Australia’s two major political parties are highly dependent on contributions from business by the standards of other rich democracies. AAP/Lukas Coch

No bribes please, we’re corrupt Australians!

Australia’s political finance system is corrupt – but not because of bribery, or indeed any substantial quid pro quo.


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