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Eastern University is a top Christian university dedicated to the preparation of undergraduate and graduate students for thoughtful and productive lives of Christian faith and service.

Our goal is not just to provide an education that leads to a career and a future. Eastern University wants you to deepen your faith as you broaden your knowledge and skills. Our goal is to equip you with the very best education based on the rock solid foundation of faith in Jesus Christ, so that whatever path you choose, Eastern will point you to a better way of living in our church, our organizations and businesses, our communities, and our planet. Welcome!


The mission is confirmed and celebrated when graduates believe their way into knowledgeable action that influences the world in substantive ways.

VISION Eastern University is dedicated to ideas, inquiry, and the development of people of faith who will enhance the quality of society and the church. Toward that end, Eastern will continue to expand its formative role in the world as a university in which knowledge and wisdom are imbued, Christlike engagement is inspired, and stewardship is modeled.


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