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Edith Cowan University

ECU provides the ideal learning environment for people who want to reach their potential. Located in Western Australia, our industry-relevant teaching and research, supportive study environment and award-winning facilities enable ECU students to do more than just survive in this world – they thrive in it. Our world-class research strives to make a difference to the community in Western Australia and beyond. ECU focuses on working with our communities, business and government organisations to solve real-world problems.


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La mobilisation des savoirs aborigènes pourraient aider à réduire les feux de brousses dévastateurs en Australie. AFP

Feux et sécheresses : quand les savoirs indigènes offrent des solutions concrètes

L’intégration des savoirs indigènes ancestraux aux politiques environnementales offre des solutions face au changement climatique.


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