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Depuis 2020, il est possible de déposer et signer des pétitions sur les sites Internet de l'Assemblée nationale et du Sénat. Mathieu Delmestre / Solfé communication / Flickr

Pétitions à l’Assemblée nationale : quel sort leur est réservé ?

Quatre ans après sa création, quel bilan tirer de la plate-forme de pétitions de l’Assemblée nationale ? Permet-elle de réduire la fracture entre élus et électeurs ?
Ilustrasi kekerasan dalam rumah tangga (KDRT). Freepik

KDRT bukan masalah privat: teknologi bisa bantu ciptakan ruang aman bagi korban

Dengan adanya kemajuan teknologi, salah satunya media sosial, publik sebenarnya punya peluang lebih besar untuk menyuarakan hak-hak korban KDRT dan membantu mereka mendapatkan akses keadilan.
Ilustrasi laki-laki setara dengan perempuan. Freepik

Benarkah parkir khusus perempuan kontradiktif dengan kesetaraan gender? Ternyata masih banyak salah kaprah tentang feminisme

Pandangan umum – yang salah dan menyesatkan – soal feminisme adalah saat esensi kesetaraan gender hanya dilihat ketika perempuan bisa melakukan hal-hal yang sama seperti laki-laki.
Laki-laki kerap tidak dipercaya jika menjadi korban kekerasan seksual. Freepik

Laki-laki juga rentan jadi korban kekerasan seksual, bukti kentalnya toxic masculinity dan budaya patriarki di Indonesia

Budaya toxic masculinity yang dilahirkan oleh masyarakat patriarki diyakini menjadi sumber dari tabunya kenyataan bahwa laki-laki dapat menjadi korban kekerasan seksual.
Le Nigérian, Michael Emenalo (centre), fait partie des rares joueurs ayant réussi à poursuivre sa carrière sportive hors du terrain. Nick Potts/PA Images via Getty Images

Le sort précaire des footballeurs africains en Europe après leur ultime match

Etant donné l'impact des joueurs africains sur le football européen, il est surprenant que peu d'entre eux réussissent une reconversion, une fois leur carrière sportive sur le terrain achevée.
In 2015, Canadians across the country organized in support of Syrian refugees arriving in the country; these rallies were planned online. (Mike Gifford/flickr)

Leading an online social movement requires offline work

Online social movements are not leaderless. On the contrary, leadership duties are often assumed by identifiable individuals committed to doing leadership work.
The relationship between income and health underlines the need for strong government policies to break the cycle. Shutterstock

South African study shows how unhealthy ageing takes its toll on health and income

It’s evident from research that while health influences economic well-being, the inverse is also true, economic well-being influences health.
A worker walks near the Congolese state mining company Gecamines’ in the southern province of Katanga. REUTERS/Jonny Hogg

The DRC is revisiting its mining code. Why reform is long overdue

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has scheduled its 15-year-old mining code for review. The country must ensure reform that benefits its people.
Businessmen pass by Occupy Wall Street protesters at New York’s Zuccotti Park in 2011. AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Are the rich more selfish than the rest of us?

The wealthy evade taxes and are less likely to donate to charity, but does this mean they’re more selfish than everyone else? New research suggests not.
The kinds of activities volunteers can do have changed, from long-term activities to more short-term, episodic volunteering. AAP/Dan Peled

Why don’t more people volunteer? Misconceptions don’t help

Volunteers in Australia are essential to the provision of a range of services. Yet Western countries – including Australia – have recently reported a decline in volunteer rates.
There are shortcomings in celebrity led campaigns against “conflict minerals” such as the one in which US actress Robin Wright is involved. Robin Wright's instagram

The problem with Western activists trying to do good in Africa

The relationship between advocacy organisations based in Western capitals and their marketed constituency of marginalised and disadvantaged African groups is tenuous. What then, is the goal?
Volunteering is a way to get involved in your community as this man, who has a refugee background, is doing in his work with older vision-impaired people. Volunteering Western Australia (VWA)

Where have all the volunteers gone?

The rate of volunteering among Australians and the hours individuals contribute appear to be falling. So how do people see volunteering and what can be done to restore this vital community activity?
Ben Affleck championed the piece of legislation requiring companies reporting to the US Securities and Exchange Commission to disclose their use of ‘conflict minerals’ originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Reuters/Yuri Gripas

What’s missing from celebrity activism in Africa? The people

Celebrities help make causes known to larger audiences and can be effective in obtaining pledges from policymakers. Yet their simplified advocacy messages can lead to ineffective or harmful policies.


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