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Grattan Institute aspires to contribute to public policy in Australia as a liberal democracy in a globalised economy. Our work is objective, evidence-driven and non-aligned. We foster informed public debate on the key issues for Australia through both public events and private forums engaging key decision makers and the broader community. Twitter: @GrattanInst


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On one hand, we’re still able to forecast a surplus. On the other, conditions are deteriorating. Treasurer Frydenberg and Finance Minister Cormann deliver the news. Lukas Coch/AAP

5 things MYEFO tells us about the economy and the nation’s finances

MYEFO contains a long-overdue admission: that low wage growth is the new normal. It’ll take extraordinary spending restraint to make the surplus forecasts stick.
Unless we know who who Newstart recipients are, we are likely to make wrong decisions about how much to pay them and whether to drug test them. Shutterstock

5 charts on what a Newstart recipient really looks like

A typical Newstart recipient is middle-aged, female, and more likely than most to live outside of a major city.


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