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Since its establishment in 1975, Griffith University has come to be regarded as one of Australia’s most innovative tertiary institutions and one of the most influential universities in the Asia-Pacific region. Griffith University has internationally recognised strengths in teaching and research.


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Australia’s union movement is a shadow of its former self.

Here to stay, and other union myths

One of the most widely held myths about the Australian labour movement is that decline of union membership was set in motion by economic and industrial relations reform initiated by the Hawke-Keating Labor…
An accident in a nuclear station is much more worrying than an accident at a wind turbine. Flickr/Jaako

No need for nuclear, even in the face of climate change

Before the Fukushima reactor was swamped by a tsunami, there had been a wave of enthusiasm for nuclear power. The problems in Japan have probably ended the risk of Australia going down the nuclear path…
Many finance theories have been debunked, so why do we still teach them? LifeSupercharger/Flickr

Why finance education must change

The global financial crisis reopened furious debate about many issues the finance industry once considered settled. But one area that mostly escaped scrutiny is the way universities educate finance students…

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