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Indiana University

Founded in 1820, Indiana University is one of the world’s foremost public institutions. With more than 112,000 students and 19,000 employees statewide, IU continues to pursue its core missions of education and research while building a foundation for the university’s enduring strengths in teaching and learning, world-class scholarship, innovation, creative activity, community engagement and academic freedom. Bloomington is the flagship campus of the university, and each one of IU’s seven campuses is an accredited, four-year degree-granting institution.


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Mpho Molutsi, de la Children’s Radio Foundation, lors d'une émission en direct à Johannesburg. Gulshan Khan/AFP/Getty Images

100 ans de radio en Afrique : de la propagande au pouvoir populaire

Avec une histoire politique tumultueuse, la radio est aujourd'hui la première source d'information en Afrique.
Mpho Molutsi from the Children’s Radio Foundation during a live community broadcast in Johannesburg. Gulshan Khan/AFP/Getty Images

100 years of radio in Africa: from propaganda to people’s power

With a dramatic political history, radio is today the number one source of news in Africa.
Studies show cash grants help the cognitive function of older people. Getty Images

Money and ageing: South African study shows cash grants help people live longer and have better memory function

Nearly half of South Africa’s 60 million people receive social grants. Health experts say they improve cognitive health among the elderly.
Las canciones pop y las bandas sonoras de películas son la clave de un nuevo sistema para administrar insulina a personas diabéticas. Sammyvision/Moment via Getty Images

Las inyecciones de insulina podrían sustituirse algún día por música rock

Un equipo de investigadores ha logrado tratar la diabetes en ratones modificando las células para que produzcan insulina en respuesta a la música de Queen.
Activists in Newark, N.J., offer tours that teach visitors about the city’s legacy of industrial pollution and environmental racism. Charles Rotkin/Corbis via Getty Images

The importance of shining a light on hidden toxic histories

Societies celebrate heroes and commemorate tragedies. But why is there so little public acknowledgment of environmental disasters?
Musicians and producers can already utilize AI to realistically reproduce the sound of any instrument or voice imaginable. Paul Campbell/iStock via Getty Images

3 ways AI is transforming music

AI can streamline the painstaking work of mixing and editing tracks. But it’s also easy to see how AI-generated music will make more money for giant streaming services at the expense of artists.


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