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Indiana University Kokomo

At Indiana University Kokomo, we believe in dreaming big, in taking big, bold steps, and in the limitless future of our students. Here, you’ll be met with one-on-one support and instruction from inspired, accomplished, and dedicated faculty. You’ll dig in to your studies, performing research side-by-side with peers and faculty alike. You’ll build community through joining student groups, participating in campus events, and cheering your peers on at athletic events. Every year we’re raising the bar. We’re adding majors and programs that work to guide our students into the most promising jobs and industries of the future, like mental health counseling, computer science, and sport and recreation management—to name a few.

At IU Kokomo, there’s something for everyone. You’ll earn a prestigious IU degree while getting the preparation, skills, and real-world experience that set you up for a lifetime of success — and have a ton of fun in the process.


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As a printer’s apprentice in 1721, Franklin had a front-row seat to the controversy around a new prevention technique. ClassicStock/Archive Photos via Getty Images

Benjamin Franklin’s fight against a deadly virus: Colonial America was divided over smallpox inoculation, but he championed science to skeptics

When Bostonians in 1721 faced a deadly smallpox outbreak, a new procedure called inoculation was found to help fend off the disease. Not everyone was won over, and newspapers fed the controversy.


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