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Dans les manuels scolaires anglais, l'Europe serait présentée sous un angle politique, plutôt qu'économique et culturel. Shutterstock

Europe : quelle image dans les manuels scolaires allemands et anglais ?

Les manuels allemands évoquent l’Europe avec bien plus de détails et sous un angle beaucoup plus positif que les manuels anglais.
London’s schools have started to. David Parry/PA Wire

Why London’s secondary schools have improved so much

London’s secondary schools have seen rapid improvement in the last decade. Inner London moved from being the worst-performing region in England in 2003 to having better school results than any region outside…
‘Susan’, a trafficked sex worker - one of a minority, research has suggested. Manchester Evening News/PA Wire

Only a minority of UK sex workers have been trafficked

The moral panic on the supposed prevalence of trafficking in the global sex industry rests on a lie: that the majority of sex workers are trafficked. In fact, the opposite is true. However, on the basis…
We think checkouts influence obesity but does it? Jurijus Azanovas

Hard Evidence: do supermarket checkouts make kids obese?

Your eye gets caught by the dried apples slices and pistachios but your child, sitting in the trolley, sees the Percy pig sweets. The queue is moving slowly, how well do you resist? A commentary by Deborah…
The bedroom tax will make life more difficult for home-based workers in social housing. Frances Holliss

Home-based work: a quiet casualty of the bedroom tax

The government intends the much-debated bedroom tax to encourage social tenants to leave properties that are too large for them. Opponents say it intrudes into the personal lives of some of Britain’s most…
From the workplace to the workhome: architectural design should evolve to reflect the growing number of people taking part in home-based work. seier + seier

Home is where the work is: the case for an urban design revolution

Welcome to the Future of Work, a series from The Conversation that looks at the ongoing evolution of the workplace. Today, London Metropolitan University’s Frances Holliss looks at the growth of home-based…


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