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MacEwan University

MacEwan University inspires students with a powerful combination of academic excellence and personal learning experiences. Through learner-centred teaching, the university connects with students to create a unique post-secondary experience that opens up diverse pathways for their achievement and growth.

MacEwan provides a transformative education in a collaborative and supportive environment where creativity and innovation thrive. Faculty focus on teaching, and many are also engaged in ground-breaking, internationally recognized research, scholarly and creative activity that enhances their teaching and the curriculum – and creates opportunities for student involvement in research as well as engagement with community partners.

The university’s six faculties and schools offer more than 65 programs in areas including business, communications, community studies, continuing education, fine arts, healthcare, liberal arts and sciences. With an array of programming including undergraduate degrees, applied degrees, diplomas, certificates, continuing education and corporate training, the university serves more than 14,000 full-time students.


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Protesters wave Palestinian flags during a demonstration outside the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands, on Jan. 11, 2024. The United Nations’ top court opened hearings into South Africa’s allegation that Israel’s war with Hamas amounts to genocide against Palestinians. (AP Photo/Patrick Post)

How economics can shed light on the motivations of extremist groups like Hamas

Real and perceived economic grievances often fuel extremist groups like Hamas. Here’s how the economic basics of supply provide a way to tackle terrorism.
Joaquin Phoenix dans le rôle de Napoléon, dans le film de Ridley Scott. Napoléon était un législateur prolifique qui a parrainé le « Code civil des Français » à l’influence planétaire. (Apple TV+)

Napoléon le législateur : la gênante omission du film de Ridley Scott

En mettant l’accent sur les triomphes tactiques, les erreurs de calcul et les frasques sexuelles de Napoléon, Ridley Scott néglige l’héritage paradoxal qu’il a laissé en tant que législateur.
Given how wealth contributes to health on the personal, individual level, the case for economic growth being good for us might seem intuitive. (Shutterstock)

Is economic growth good for our health?

The historical correlation between economic prosperity and increased life expectancy might suggest that growth is generally a good thing. However, other evidence points to the downside of growth.
Joaquin Phoenix in Ridley Scott’s ‘Napoleon.’ Napoleon was a prolific legislator who sponsored the Civil Code, later known as the Napoleonic Code. (Apple TV+)

Napoleon the lawmaker: What Ridley Scott’s film leaves out

Ridley Scott’s focus on Napoleon’s tactical triumphs, reckless miscalculations and sexual entanglements neglects his paradoxical legacy as a lawmaker.
Feet of a person with lymphatic filariasis, also known as elephantiasis. WHO

Patients’ beliefs about illness matter: the case of elephantiasis in rural Ghana

In rural Ghana, only 18% of patients believe elephantiasis is a disease. Some others think it is caused by curses or even rain. Only by understanding local beliefs can it be treated effectively.
Members of the Hamilton Tiger Cats 1999 winning team hoist the Grey Cup during a pre-game ceremony in Hamilton, Ont., Oct. 4, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Peter Power

Grey Cup 2023: Canadian institution or antiquated tradition?

While the Grey Cup and Canadian football were once considered significant national institutions, part of their allure appears to have faded over the years.
Ceremonial tipis sit in front of the former residential school, Blue Quills, now the home to Blue Quills university run by seven First Nations. (Terri Cardinal)

Residential school deaths are significantly higher than previously reported

The author led a search for unmarked graves at the site of Blue Quills, a former residential school. She found more areas of interest (potential graves) than the official record shows.
The Blue Quills Indian Residential School in St. Paul, Alta., Aug. 15, 1931. When the federal government announced plans to shutter the school in 1970, the community fought back, and Blue Quills became the first residence and school controlled by First Nations people in Canada. (Provincial Archives of Alberta)

Inside the search for the unmarked graves of children lost to Indian Residential Schools

To honour Truth and Reconciliation Day, we spoke with Terri Cardinal, who headed up one of the many community searches for the children who went missing while attending an Indian Residential School.
Increasing inclusivity in entrepreneurship will foster more equitable economic participation across the board. (Shutterstock)

How Canada can make its startup ecosystem more inclusive

Increasing entrepreneurship among women and racialized people calls for the development of more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems.
A fundamental component for training health-care professionals is interacting with patients and families. (Shutterstock)

Solving Canada’s shortage of health professionals means training more of them, and patients have a key role in their education

Each encounter that health-care students have with patients and families helps them understand real-world patient needs. That means all Canadians have a role in educating future health-care providers.
People pass a decorated wall during the Pride Parade at English Bay in Vancouver, B.C, Aug. 6, 2023. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ethan Cairns

Five ways to become a better ally to 2SLGBTQ+ communities

While Canadians are supportive of 2SLGBTQ+ communities, relatively few see themselves as active allies. Here are five steps people can take to be better allies.
Research collaboration between police forces and academics could go a long way to ensuring federal legislation aimed at fighting coercive control in intimate relationships is effective. (Shutterstock)

Police-academic partnerships could help tackle the crime of coercive control

Police-academic partnerships are key to the success of evidence-based policing. Growing support for coercive control legislation makes research collaboration all the more urgent.
The United Conservative Party demonized the NDP’s proposals for a corporate tax rate increase during the recent provincial election campaign. But Calgary-based energy companies and other corporations have capitalized on tax rate decreases, firing workers instead of investing in them. (Samson/Unsplash)

Why we need to rewrite the script on corporate taxes

The conventional narrative on corporate tax increases relies on ‘zombie ideas’ that pander to corporate interests, harm the public interest and refuse to die.


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