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Macquarie Graduate School of Management

Macquarie Graduate School of Management is a post-graduate business school based at Macquarie University in Sydney. It offers degree programmes and short courses for corporate clients.


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Energy planning is complicated, but China is way ahead of us on creating a future energy system. Triin Noorkoiv

A tale of two energy visions: China and Australia

Over the past few weeks China and Australia have both released white papers on energy. The two documents could not be more different. Australia’s white paper is largely about our continued obsession with…
It may not be a silver bullet, but biochar has a lot to offer farmers (and the atmosphere). sillypucci/Flickr

Backing biochar: the Australian Government’s role

Evelyn Krull, a research scientist at the CSIRO, asked in these pages whether biochar could save the planet. Eighteen months have passed and although research efforts continue, still no meaningful quantities…
Do you see the light? Solar costs are comparable to fossil fuels, and are falling 45% annually. Flickr/MyEye85

Newsflash: solar power costs are falling below fossil fuels

Recent postings to The Conversation have enlivened the debate over the “Great Transition” that is underway all around the world from the fossil-fuelled energy systems of the 20th century to the renewably…
Lack of political will is holding back Australia’s solar innovation: here, AREVA Solar’s CLFR technology. Solar Dawn

Serious about renewables? It’s time to refloat the Solar Flagships

Australia knows how to provide public leadership in the complex coordination of public events. Just look at the recent staging of the opera La Traviata on Sydney Harbour. It was a one-off event that required…
Ulsan, Korea’s second-largest city, is leading the charge towards ecologically sustainable industrialisation. JTeale

Cities will drive the green industrial revolution

The debate over how to green industry remains locked into national and regional settings. However, it is really at the level of cities that progress is likely to be achieved. Increasingly, the focus of…
The Big Dish, developed in Canberra, could be a renewable energy winner if the government focussed funding. WizardPower

Time for government to pick a renewable energy winner

Let’s start with a question: why has Denmark been so successful in renewable energy creation and uptake? It can’t be that Denmark is a windy place (although that helped) or that it was a social democratic…
ANU’s “big dish” solar is the envy of Asia, but the Australian Government has turned its back. AAP

Wake up Australia, and take a lesson on solar from Korea

I am here in Seoul, the burgeoning and confident capital of a burgeoning and confident Korea, to investigate the country’s formidable “Green Growth” strategy. Back in August 2008, the Korean government…
When it comes to addressing climate change, the Green Climate Fund falls drastically short. AAP

Forget Kyoto – climate bonds will drive the green revolution

If no-one argues against the proposition that it was capitalism that created the global warming problem, then no one can argue that it must therefore be capitalism that will solve the problem. But how…
Going for a new job? For many employers, it’s crucial that your personality passes the test. The Tuxic

Why workplaces must resist the cult of personality testing

Personality testing is big business. In 2009, personality testing was a $500-million industry. In the UK, the Association of Graduate Recruiters reported that 92% of employers surveyed considered psychometric…
Treasurer Wayne Swan announcing he will block the merger of the ASX and SGX.

Knocking back the ASX-SGX merger will hurt Australia

What do you make of Treasurer Wayne Swan’s decision to officially block the merger of the ASX and the Singapore Exchange? This is the wrong decision. Australia has an aspiration to be a regional financial…


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