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Menlo College

Menlo College is a small private undergraduate college that focuses on the practical arts of business in the entrepreneurial economy. A residential college in the heart of Silicon Valley, just outside San Francisco, Menlo College offers degrees in business and psychology. Our students come from all over the world to learn the practical arts of business including leadership, critical thinking, creativity, team building, communication and the science of behavior. We take advantage of the strong entrepreneurial community around us and require an internship which may be taken at one of the many companies and incubators with which we have partnerships. We are very proud of our intimate and engaged student community fueled by our spirited and competitive athletics program.


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A evolução adaptativa aprimorou o gosto por doces dos morcegos frugívoros . Keith Rose/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Dieta rica em açúcar dos morcegos frugívoros pode ajudar na luta contra o diabetes

Os morcegos frugívoros podem comer até duas vezes o seu peso corporal em frutas por dia. Mas seus genes e células evoluíram para processar todo esse açúcar sem nenhuma consequência para a saúde - um feito com o qual os desenvolvedores de medicamentos podem aprender.
Fruit bats have honed their sweet tooth through adaptive evolution. Keith Rose/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Why don’t fruit bats get diabetes? New understanding of how they’ve adapted to a high-sugar diet could lead to treatments for people

Fruit bats can eat up to twice their body weight in fruit a day. But their genes and cells evolved to process all that sugar without any health consequences − a feat drug developers can learn from.


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