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Two mourners embrace at a memorial for those killed in the Parkland, Florida, school shooting in 2018. AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

Five years after Parkland, school shootings haven’t stopped, and kill more people

Some Americans hoped the Parkland shooting in 2018 would herald a turning point for gun violence in schools. Shootings, and deaths, have continued – and gotten more frequent.
St Louis’ Central Visual and Performing Arts High School – the latest scene of school gun violence. AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

School shootings are already at a record in 2022 – with months still to go

On Oct. 24, while a teenage gunman was pleading guilty for a deadly school incident in Michigan, another school shooting was taking place in St. Louis.
Le 24 mai 2022, des policiers se tiennent devant l'école Robb, à Uvarde (Texas),Le 24 mai 2022, des policiers se tiennent devant l’école Robb, à Uvarde (Texas), où un tireur a tué au moins 19 enfants et deux adultes quelques heures plus tôt avant d’être abattu. où un tireur a tué au moins 19 enfants et deux adultes quelques heures plus tôt avant d'être abattu. Brandon Bell/Getty Images via AFP

Ce que l’on sait des tueries dans les écoles aux États-Unis et de leurs auteurs

L’examen d’une base de données recensant toutes les informations disponibles sur les auteurs des « mass shootings » aux États-Unis est porteur de certains importants enseignements.
El arzobispo de San Antonio, Gustavo García-Siller, consuela a las familias tras el mortal tiroteo en una escuela de Uvalde, Texas, el 24 de mayo de 2022. AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills

Lo que sabemos sobre los tiroteos masivos en escuelas de EE. UU. y los pistoleros que los llevan a cabo

De los 13 tiroteos masivos en escuelas que han tenido lugar en Estados Unidos, los tres más mortíferos se produjeron en la última década. Los datos de estos ataques ayudaron a los criminólogos a construir un perfil de los pistoleros.
The archbishop of San Antonio, Gustavo Garcia-Siller, comforts families following a deadly school shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas, on May 24, 2022. AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills

What we know about mass school shootings in the US – and the gunmen who carry them out

Of the 13 mass school shootings that have taken place in the US, the three most deadly occurred in the last decade. Data from these attacks helped criminologists build a profile of the gunmen.
Many mass shooters show signs of distress before their attack. Smederevac via iStock/Getty Images Plus

Accused Buffalo mass shooter had threatened a shooting while in high school. Could more have been done to avert the tragedy?

When young people plan a mass shooting, especially at a school, they typically reveal their plans in advance. Two scholars weigh in on whether the warning signs are being heeded in the right way.
Dancing with danger. West Side Story/Amblin

‘West Side Story’ may be timeless – but life in gangs today differs drastically from when the Jets and Sharks ruled the streets

Gangs have changed in the decades since ‘West Side Story’ first came out – they are deadlier, and their demographics are different – as are the means law enforcement use to control them.
People hold a vigil for the victims of the Saugus High School shooting in Santa Clarita, California, in 2019. Hans Gutknecht/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images

Knoxville school shooting serves as stark reminder of a familiar – but preventable – threat

The pandemic largely gave America a reprieve from school shootings. Two criminologists say gun violence could return to America’s schools worse than before as in-person classes resume.
Parents gather in a circle to pray at a recreation center where students were reunited with their parents after a shooting at a suburban Denver middle school May 7. David Zalubowski/AP

Colorado shooting eerily recalls Columbine massacre

The 1999 Columbine high school shooting spawned a generation of school shooters who tried to copy it, research shows.
Police secure the main entrance to UNC Charlotte after a shooting at the school that left at least two people dead, Tuesday, April 30. Jason E. Miczek/AP

University of North Carolina at Charlotte shooting has these things in common with other campus shootings

The April 30 shooting at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte isn’t an outlier. Research shows it fits a familiar pattern of campus shootings in terms of time and place.


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