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Australians who study in Asia will be best placed to tackle the challenges of the Asian Century.

An Asian Century education: why students need equal access to overseas study

The Asian Century has arrived and Australians with Asian study experience will be best placed to take advantage of it. But if we are to educate and prepare our graduates for the Asian Century and all the…
Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta is currently facing crimes against humanity charges at the International Criminal Court. EPA/Daniel Irungu

Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta and politicising the International Criminal Court

Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto are currently facing crimes against humanity charges at the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC). The charges result from the post-election…
Sharing a bed with your baby is not inherently dangerous if the known risk factors for SIDS are eliminated. Image from

Safety first: reducing the risks of sleeping with your baby

With so much contradictory information about whether it’s safe for mothers to share a bed with their baby, it’s easy to see why parents are confused. The release yesterday of a paper in BMJ Open added…
Allowing patents that capture categories of unique genomic DNA damages the principle of open access. Nestlé/Flickr

Ensure open access to genetic data to protect innovation

Public investment in the Human Genome Project was expected to deliver a global public good that would help generate scientific breakthroughs. But open access to our genetic blueprint is a precondition…
Brendan Fevola was followed by controversy throughout his AFL career: would a ‘person formation’ focus in team sport culture have helped him? AAP/Dave Hunt

‘Culture’ in team sport: corporate speak or vital for success?

The inventive English journalist Dave Hill (who is as comfortable writing about politics and culture as he is about sport) published a book, Out of His Skin, in 1989 dealing with - among other things…
A shark in the hand: this Northern River Shark has been tagged in the attempt to collect more information on the species. Jeff Whitty

Australian endangered species: Northern River Shark

The Northern River Shark (Glyphis garricki) is one of the rarest species of shark in the world. It is known only from a small number of locations in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Papua…
Australian policymakers need to acquaint themselves with the changing nature of regional governance in Asia.

The changing face of Asian regional governance

The growing competition between Japan and China over regional primacy is changing the face of Asian regional governance — but not necessarily in predictable ways. While observers have focused on Asia’s…
Resource issues dominate Japanese thinking on the Australia-Japan bilateral relationship. AAP

Resource security and the Australia-Japan economic relationship

The Australia-Japan economic relationship is broad, deep, and has an extensive history. However, issues to do with natural resources – minerals, energy and food – loom large in the politics of the contemporary…
Julia Gillard’s appearance is regularly commented on: is it just another way to talk about her gender? AAP/Alan Porritt

Gender bias: why appearance focus fuels sexism in media

Much has been written in the past few days about the legacy of the late British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, including many mentions of her hair. It is difficult to imagine similar attention being…
If you want to improve science education, standardised science literacy tests is not the way to go. Test image from

NAPLAN science tests unlikely to improve science education

The federal Labor government’s proposal to expand the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) franchise and include science literacy is not a surprising move. Once national testing…
In the debate on the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport, what should we consider an unfair advantage?

Drugs in sport: what constitutes ‘unfair advantage’?

At the heart of growing concern about performance enhancing drugs in Australian sport is the very basic matter of sport as an even contest. As Roy and H.G. used to put it, no one is particularly interested…
Colin Barnett and his wife Lyn celebrate the Liberal party’s crushing win the Western Australian state election. AAP/Tony McDonough

WA election: Barnett and the Liberals do it easy

Nobody thought that Labor would form government in Western Australia after the 2013 election. And with the current seat count at 30 for Colin Barnett’s Liberals, 18 for Labor and 6 for the Nationals, it…
When it comes to the polls, FIFO workers are most likely to vote for the party which will support their industry. Wesfarmers

Western Australia election: FIFO vote

In Western Australia business is booming for the mining and resources sector. The number of fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) workers employed in the state has increased over the last five years to more than 35,000…
Western Australians are heading to the polls twice this year. Jay-Oh

Western Australia: two elections for the price of two

If the thought of one election campaign is your worst nightmare, then pity the West Australians. When Julia Gillard announced a September federal election it meant two campaigns being run simultaneously…
We agree Australia’s productivity has to improve: plotting the trajectory from the macro to the micro will be big future themes of debate in the coming year. AAP

The productivity conundrum: current thinking and future trends

Amid the emerging decline in Australia’s terms of trade and drop in commodity prices, there is general consensus among most commentators that improving Australia’s productivity is critical. Looking back…
Heart rate provides real-time measurements of cardiovascular responses to exercise. samwebster

Beat surrender: using heart rate to monitor fitness and training

Whether the intent is to increase athletic performance or enhance fitness in the face of an ever-expanding chronic disease epidemic, a structured exercise program is essential. The ability to monitor intensity…

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