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North Carolina State University

As a land-grant institution, NC State was born as an idea: that higher education should bring economic, societal and intellectual prosperity to the masses. From our origins teaching the agricultural and mechanical arts, we’ve grown to become a pre-eminent research enterprise that advances knowledge in science, technology, engineering, math, design, the humanities and social sciences, textiles and veterinary medicine.

Our students, faculty and staff take problems in hand and work with industry, government and nonprofit partners to solve them. Our 34,000-plus high-performing students apply what they learn in the real world, through research, internships, co-ops and world-changing service. That experiential education ensures they leave here with career-ready skills. And those skills come at a reasonable cost: NC State consistently rates as one of the best values in higher education.


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Le 15 janvier 2020, dans les environs de Budgong, en Nouvelle-Galles du Sud (Australie). SAEED KHAN/AFP

Après les incendies, le casse-tête de la pollution des eaux

Avec les feux de forêt, la présence massive de cendres et de sédiments dans les cours d’eau constitue une menace pour l’approvisionnement hydrique des populations.
The Rim Fire burned 256,000 acres of the Stanislaus National Forest and Yosemite National Park in 2013. (USDA Forest Service, Chris Stewart)

Buried in mud: Wildfires threaten North American water supplies

Wildfires reduce the reliability of city water supplies in North America. But active forest management provides a key to the solution.
Need a handkerchief? Num LP Photo/Shutterstock

Why do onions make you cry?

Like many plants, onions have defenses to ward off creatures that may want to eat them. Their secret weapon is a kind of natural tear gas.
Las inundaciones que provocaron huracán María en Puerto Rico en 2017 resultaron desastrosas para los residentes. Pero para los peces fueron nativos fueron un alivio después de muchos años de sequía. Reuters/Alvin Baez

Cómo los huracanes fuertes benefician a los peces caribeños

Las tormentas grandes que traen mucha lluvia pueden restaurar el balance natural entre los peces nativos y las especies importadas, según informa un nuevo estudio del Caribe.
Extreme flooding during Hurricane Maria in 2017 was hazardous for the Puerto Rican people. But a new study finds that it helped native fish populations rebound after years of drought. AP Photo/Alvin Baez

Caribbean fish love catastrophic hurricanes

Big storms with lots of flooding, like hurricanes Dorian and Maria, actually restore the Caribbean's delicate balance between native and nonnative fish species, new research finds.
Los días 5 y 6 de junio de 2012, el Observatorio de Dinámica Solar de la NASA recogió imágenes de uno de los eventos solares más raros: el tránsito de Venus a través de la faz del Sol. NASA/SDO, AIA

Por qué debemos volver a Venus

El planeta vecino es caliente y ácido, y su superficie está oculta por gruesas nubes de ácido sulfúrico. Quizá por estas dificultades, no se ha beneficiado de la atención que han recibido Marte y la Luna. Pero Venus puede ofrecer información sobre el futuro de la Tierra.
On June 5-6, 2012, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory collected images of one of the rarest predictable solar events: the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun. NASA/SDO, AIA

Why we need to get back to Venus

This hot, acidic neighbor with its surface veiled in thick clouds hasn't benefited from the attention showered on Mars and the Moon. But Venus may offer insights into the fate of the Earth.
Contact with nature reduces stress and aggression, one reason scholars say urban green space may reduce violence. Shutterstock

Can parks help cities fight crime?

Some parks reduce violence in the local vicinity. Other parks attract crime. The difference has to do with how these urban green spaces are designed, programmed and managed, experts say.
Civil rights activist Dorothy Cotton teaches a student in one of her Citizenship Education Program classes. Bob Fitch Photography Archive, Department of Special Collections, © Stanford University Libraries

The civil rights activist so close to Martin Luther King Jr. she was thought of as his ‘other wife’

Dorothy Cotton never publicly spoke about her intimate relationship with King. But no woman – not even King's wife – was closer to the civil rights icon during the last years of his life.
Getting a healthy meal on the table every night is a challenge for many mothers. ESB Professional/

Time to cook is a luxury many families don’t have

Celebrity chefs often preach about the ease of home cooking and meal planning. But for most mothers juggling a job, child care, housework and meal prep, this is virtually impossible.


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