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Norwegian Polar Institute

Norway’s central governmental institution for scientific research, mapping and environmental monitoring in the Arctic and the Antarctic. The Institute advises Norwegian authorities on matters concerning polar issues, and is Norway’s competent environmental authority in Antarctica. The Norwegian Polar Institute is a directorate under the Ministry of Climate and Environment. The Ministry defines the scope and sets the tasks for Institute.


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A scientist checks cracks in the Arctic sea ice after a storm (April 2015, N-ICE2015 expedition). Amelie Meyer/NPI

Winter storms are speeding up the loss of Arctic sea ice

Warm summers aren't the only threat to Arctic ice – increasingly intense winter storms are also weakening and reducing ice cover.
Research Vessel Lance in the middle of broken Arctic sea ice after a large warm winter storm in February 2015. Nick Cobbing

The freak warm Arctic weather is unusual, but getting less so

The bizarre heatwave in the Arctic this week – with temperatures dozens of degrees above normal – is part of a growing trend of "warm air intrusions" that threaten to disrupt polar ice all year round.


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