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Reva University of Bangalore

REVA University has been established under the Government of Karnataka Act 80 of the year 2012. The University is located in Bengaluru on a sprawling green campus, spread over 45 acres of land, built with the state-of-the-art infrastructure creating an environment conducive for higher learning and research.The Founders of REVA University believe in the motto of ‘Knowledge is Power’. Driven with philanthropic vision and a missionary zeal, the campus is built to transform students into outstanding citizens. The University prides itself in contributing to every student’s holistic development. The University currently offers 18 full - time Post Graduate programs, 5 part - time Post Graduate programs, 15 Graduate Degree programs and several Post Graduate Diploma programs in Engineering, Architecture, Science and Technology, Commerce, Management Studies, Law and Humanities. Above all the University facilitates research leading to Doctoral Degree in all disciplines. The programs offered by REVA University are well planned and designed based on in depth analysis and research with emphasis on knowledge assimilation, practical applications, hands - on training, global and industrial relevance and their social significance.


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Le complexe de la peau blanche survit et est entretenu depuis la période coloniale par les produits cosmétiques. Un tabou à faire tomber. Pexels

Le colorisme et les crèmes éclaircissantes : ces legs invisibles de la colonisation

Le colorisme, l’attrait pour les peaux claires sont des biais racistes qui se perpétuent, comme en témoigne l’utilisation massive de produits éclaricissants.
In India, a light complexion is associated with power, status and beauty, fueling an innovative and growing market of skin-bleaching products. Adam Jones/Flickr

Bleached girls: India and its love for light skin

Indian girls grow up in an environment where they are constantly reminded that fair is beautiful.


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