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San Diego State University

San Diego State University is a major public research institution that provides transformative experiences for its more than 36,000 students. SDSU offers bachelor’s degrees in 95 areas, master’s degrees in 78 areas and doctorates in 22 areas, as well as programs at regional microsites and around the globe. SDSU ranks as the number 1 California State University in federal research support, as one of the top public research Universities in California.

In addition to academic offerings at SDSU, SDSU Imperial Valley and SDSU Georgia, SDSU Global Campus offers online training, certificates and degrees in areas of study designed to meet the needs of students everywhere. Students participate in transformational research, international experiences, sustainability and entrepreneurship initiatives, internships and mentoring, and a broad range of student life and leadership opportunities.

SDSU is committed to inclusive excellence and known for its efforts advancing diversity and inclusion. SDSU is nationally recognized for its study abroad initiatives, veterans’ programs and support of LGBTQA+ students, as well as its powerhouse Division I Athletics Program. About 54% of SDSU’s undergraduate and graduate students are students of color.

SDSU is also a long-standing Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) and resides on Kumeyaay land. The university’s rich campus life and location offers opportunities for students to lead and engage with the creative and performing arts, career and internship opportunities with SDSU’s more than 400,000 living alumni, and the vibrant cultural life of the greater San Diego and U.S.- Mexico region.


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Votes aplenty in 2023. smartboy10 via Getty Images

5 elections to watch in 2023 – what’s at stake as millions head to the ballot box around the globe

Zimbabwe, Turkey, Argentina, Pakistan and Nigeria all have presidential or general elections in 2023.
Every year, hundreds are held arbitrarily in provincial jails. The Canadian government must take action to end the jailing of migrants. (Shutterstock)

The detention of migrants in Canadian jails is a public health emergency

Migrants and refugee claimants in immigration detention continue to face serious trauma and abuse. The federal government must take action to stop migrant detentions.
President Biden Joe Biden speaks at a Hispanic Heritage Month 2022 reception at the White House. Just who counts as ‘Hispanic’ in the U.S. is an open question. Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images

Census data hides racial diversity of US ‘Hispanics’ – to the country’s detriment

Countries across the Americas are tweaking their census to better understand their population, allowing them to create more responsive policies. The US still has a ways to go.
An abortion rights activists is detained on June 30, 2022, during a rally near the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images)

Access to reproductive health care has been harder for Black and brown women – overturning Roe made it harder

By overturning Roe v. Wade, the US Supreme Court has thrown the issue of abortion back to the states – and made it harder for Black and brown women to have access to reproductive health services.
Kelompok Muslim membakar obyek yang menggambarkan Nupur Sharma, dalam sebuah demonstrasi di Karachi, Pakistan. AP Photo/Fareed Khan

Mengapa negara-negara mayoritas Muslim cepat merespons dugaan penistaan agama, tetapi sering mengabaikan pelanggaran terhadap hak Muslim minoritas?

Seorang akademisi Islam menulis tentang bagaimana otoritarianisme yang meluas di negara-negara Islam memengaruhi kebijakan luar negeri mereka terhadap minoritas Muslim di luar negeri.
Manifestantes en Karachi, Pakistán, reaccionan a un incidente más de incitación al odio contra los musulmanes que ha ido en aumento en la India. AP Photo/Fareed Khan

Comprender la ‘crisis de la blasfemia’ entre los países musulmanes y la India

Un estudioso del Islam explica cómo el autoritarismo de muchos países musulmanes influencia la política de estos gobiernos hacia las minorías musulmanas en el extranjero.
Le portrait de Nuper Sharma, ancienne porte-parole du parti au pouvoir en Inde, est brûlé lors d’une manifestation à Lahore le 12 juin 2022. Arif Ali/AFP

Comprendre la « crise du blasphème » qui oppose les pays musulmans à l’Inde

De nombreux gouvernements de pays musulmans critiquent avec force les « blasphèmes » mais restent silencieux sur les violations concrètes des droits des minorités musulmanes résidant à l’étranger.
Supporters of a Pakistani religious group burn an effigy depicting the former spokeswoman of India’s ruling party, Nupur Sharma, during a demonstration in Karachi, Pakistan. AP Photo/Fareed Khan

Why Muslim countries are quick at condemning defamation – but often ignore rights violations against Muslim minorities

A scholar of Islam writes about how widespread authoritarianism in the Muslim world shapes governments’ foreign policy toward Muslim minorities abroad.
Changes in vegetation and temperature affect wildlife and humans, as well as the climate. Lisa Hupp/USFWS

Arctic greening won’t save the climate – here’s why

The growing season on the tundra is starting earlier as the planet warms, but the plants aren’t sequestering more carbon, a new study finds.
Washington state was home to some of the nation’s first dispensaries for legalized marijuana. AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Legalizing recreational pot may have spurred economic activity in first 4 states to do so

Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon all experienced big increases in both deposits and lending shortly after legalizing marijuana for recreational use.
Los miembros de un grupo de la sociedad civil participan en una vigilia con velas para rendir homenaje al ciudadano de Sri Lanka Priyantha Kumara, que fue linchado por una turba musulmana en Pakistán. AP Photo/K.M. Chaudary

Por qué la blasfemia es un delito capital en algunos países musulmanes

Un académico del Islam explica cómo los líderes religiosos musulmanes, a partir del año 1050, trabajaron con los gobernantes políticos para desafiar lo que consideraban una influencia sacrílega en la sociedad.


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