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Three 3D views of Bradysaurus baini specimen (FMNH UC 1533). Scale bar equals 50 cm. Published in Van den Brandt et al. 2023 Credit: Fabio Manucci and Marco Romano

Meet the gigantic extinct reptile that weighed as much as an adult black rhino

Large pareiasaurs are among the earliest huge plant-eating tetrapods to appear in the history of the development of life on Earth.
Enterramiento de las víctimas de la peste negra en Tournai, Bélgica. Pierart dou Tielt / Wikimedia Commons

El polen nos dice que la peste negra fue terrible pero no tanto

Se cree que la Peste Negra fue la pandemia más devastadora de la historia de Europa. Ahora, paleoecólogos e historiadores han puesto en duda su gravedad dado que el impacto en algunos territorios no fue muy acusado.
Burying Black Death Victims in Tournai, Belgium. Gilles Li Muisis, Annales, Bibliothèque Royal de Belgique, MS 13076-77, f. 24v.

The Black Death was not as widespread or catastrophic as long thought – new study

The Black Death is believed to have been the most devastating pandemic in Europe’s history. Now paleoecologists and historians have cast doubt on how bad it was.
Italian striker Mario Balotelli is a pioneer in a society that still struggles to accept its multiethnic composition. EPA/Kai Foersterling

Super Mario: can Balotelli defy racism to be Italy’s World Cup hero?

Mario Balotelli is already an international football star and has the potential to become one of Italy’s greatest ever strikers. But is Italy ready to accept a black player as its next football hero? Balotelli…
Pure shores. NASA/JPL/SSI/J Major

Cassini points to a hidden ocean on Saturn’s icy moon

Finding liquid water on a celestial body within the solar system is exciting. The only thing that is probably more exciting is finding an ocean full of it. Today such news comes via Cassini, which has…


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