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SMERU Research Institute

SMERU is an independent institution for research and public policy studies which professionally and proactively provides accurate and timely information, as well as objective analysis on various socioeconomic and poverty issues considered most urgent and relevant for the people of Indonesia.

The institute has been at the forefront of the research effort to highlight the impact of government programs and policies, and has actively published and reported its research findings. The work expanded to include other areas of applied and economic research that are of fundamental importance to contemporary development issues.


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Indonesian students, already struggling in maths, reading and science, are often in the middle of conflicts between their schools and communities. AAP/Diana Plater

Indonesia must tackle conflicts between schools and communities

Indonesia’s new Culture and Elementary and Secondary Education Minister Anies Baswedan has a huge task ahead of him. Australia was alarmed when its students ranked 19th in the Organisation for Economic…


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