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Swinburne University of Technology

Swinburne is an innovative education institution that provides quality career-oriented education. Our strong technological base and links with industry are complemented by innovative research centres and strong international partnerships. Swinburne has programs for learners at every level, from vocational training through to PhDs, with pathway opportunities that allow students to achieve their personal best education outcome.


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As moléculas que formam as chamadas micelas ajudam a água a interagir com a sujeira e óleos, facilitando a limpeza da pele Geinz Angelina/Shutterstock

O que é água micelar, e como ela funciona?

As moléculas que formam as chamadas micelas ajudam a água a interagir com a sujeira e óleos, ajudando na limpeza
Geinz Angelina/Shutterstock

What is micellar water and how does it work?

The molecules that make micelles are in your dishwashing detergent, your body wash, your shampoo, your toothpaste and even many foods. They are there to help the water interact with the dirt and oils.
Visualisasi 3D gelombang gravitasi yang dihasilkan oleh dua lubang hitam yang mengorbit. Henze/NASA

Apa itu gelombang gravitasi?

Untuk memahami pertanyaan ini, kita perlu melakukan perjalanan ke masa lalu.

What will you read on the beach this summer? We asked 6 avid readers

What do professional readers choose to read on holiday? The answers include romance fiction, science-fiction classics, a French detective, Japanese assassins … and War and Peace.
The Conversation, Pexels/Shutterstock

Best books of 2023: our experts share the books that have stayed with them

Plan your summer reading or catch up on what you missed with The Conversation’s selection of the best books of the year.


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