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Texas Lutheran University

Texas Lutheran University is a community of learning and a community of faith.

As a community of learning, the university stresses the liberating potential of the disciplined pursuit of academic excellence within the context of academic freedom. Its faculty and staff seek to engage each student in a process of self-education which will assist him or her in developing as an informed and resourceful person in today’s rapidly changing world. It provides an academic program based upon the tradition of the liberal arts and designed to serve a diversified community.

As a community of faith, the university celebrates the liberating power of gospel as applied to the whole of human life. The biblical vision of the world as created, judged, redeemed and fulfilled by God in Christ is rich in significance for the work and hopes of persons today. It is the unique privilege and responsibility of the Christian university to explore these implications freely and boldly. Thus it leads the church to face the challenge of new insights and to formulate fresh means of creative service.

As an institution of the church, the university provides an education in the arts and sciences that is given perspective by the Christian faith. This function is carried out through a curriculum leading to undergraduate and select graduate degrees. The university encourages students to participate in service work tied to reflective discussions about its place in their lives.

In working to bring learning and faith into intimate relationship, Texas Lutheran University is discovering afresh that each can strengthen, clarify and enrich the other. Men and women who live and work in these contexts find their own purposes enlarged and deepened. A compassion born of faith and a competence informed by learning shape the mission of the university in this day.


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Unaccompanied immigrant minors wait on July 2, 2019 in Los Ebanos, Texas to be transported to a U.S. Border Patrol processing center after entering the U.S. to seek political asylum. John Moore/Getty Images

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