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The University of Texas at Austin College of Liberal Arts

The University of Texas at Austin College of Liberal Arts is composed of more than 25 academic departments and dozens of interdisciplinary research centers and institutes. The College is one of the largest schools on the UT Austin campus, with more than 10,000 students and 500 faculty dedicated to teaching, research and service in the humanities and social sciences. Its nationally ranked programs include Latin American history, population sciences, psychology, sex and gender studies, sociology, political science, history and English.

We believe liberal arts are at the core of a strong university education, emphasizing learning across a broad range of subjects. In understanding history, society and culture, our scholars are prepared to face some of the world’s most complex challenges, encourage others to think critically and change the world.


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The Bonus Army protesting on the U.S. Capitol steps on Jan. 2,1932. Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Remembering the veterans who marched on DC to demand bonuses during the Depression, only to be violently driven out by active-duty soldiers

Thousands of volunteers joined the military during World War I. But when the war ended and the Great Depression began, the volunteers wanted a bonus to be paid in 1932, not in 1945 as planned.
There’s new evidence that, if confirmed, shows how former President Donald Trump flushed public documents down the toilet. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

New photos suggest how Trump, flush with power, may have sent official documents down the toilet

Photos showing what appear to be torn-up documents in two different toilets may provide more evidence of the former president’s habit of destroying his presidential documents.
Nixon resigned after tapes he had fought making public incriminated him in the Watergate coverup. Bettmann/Getty

Trump wants the National Archives to keep his papers away from investigators – post-Watergate laws and executive orders may not let him

Donald Trump’s lawsuit to stop the release to Congress of potentially embarrassing or incriminating documents puts the National Archives in the middle of an old legal conflict.
The White House never provided the National Archives with an official transcript of what Trump said at this rally in Louisville, Kentucky, on March 20, 2017. John Minchillo/AP Photo

Trump, defying custom, hasn’t given the National Archives records of his speeches at political rallies

All presidents must deposit transcriptions of their public statements with the National Archives. But in the case of Donald Trump, there’s something missing.
But what awaits her at home? Dell's Official Flickr page

Leaning in at work and at home: why workplace policies matter

The latter part of the twentieth century saw a dramatic increase in women’s participation in the workforce as well as a rise in ideological support for women’s employment in the United States. However…


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