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The University of Western Australia (UWA) is a leading Australian research university and has an international reputation for excellence, innovation and enterprise. UWA is committed to the achievement of the highest quality research and scholarship at international standards of excellence.


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Ada banyak semut yang hidup di Bumi.

Berapa jumlah semut di dunia? Ini jawaban peneliti: 20 kuadriliun

Semut adalah makhluk kecil yang menguasai dunia. Jadi, para peneliti memutuskan untuk menghitung jumlah semua semut di Bumi.
Once abundant, woylies – or brush-tailed bettongs – are now critically endangered. John Gould

Species don’t live in isolation: what changing threats to 4 marsupials tell us about the future

To give native species their best chance of survival, we have to embrace ecosystem-based conservation – rather than trying to rescue individual species in isolation.
Para pelajar SMA Negeri I Kupang, NTT mengikuti kegiatan belajar mengajar yang kini dimulai pukul 05.30 WITA. (ANTARA FOTO/Kornelis Kaha)

Masuk kelas jam 5 pagi: kebijakan yang mengabaikan riset tentang jam tidur layak remaja dan jadwal sekolah yang ideal

Para ahli sepakat bahwa jam masuk sekolah SMA yang ideal minimal pukul 8.30. Bahkan, di Inggris, menggeser waktu masuk sekolah ke jam 10.00 pagi dapat meningkatkan kualitas belajar siswa sebesar 12%.
Rally taking place in Germany in solidarity of the protestors in Iran Clemans Bilan/EPA

Are Western sanctions on Iran making a difference?

Critics have said Australia should impose tougher sanctions on Iranian officials for the regime’s crackdown on protesters. But sanctions alone are not likely to work.
Large painting of a crocodile attributed to Majumbu along with two child hand stencils. Photograph courtesy of the Melbourne Museum, object 019930, object size 2.94m by 1.03m

Returning a name to an artist: the work of Majumbu, a previously unknown Australian painter

Majumbu’s work sits in the Melbourne Museum, but until now he has not been named as the artist.

Spotting plastic waste from space and counting the fish in the seas: here’s how AI can help protect the oceans

Humans are expert pattern-finders. But artificial intelligence tools are better at trawling through vast data sets to find anything from waste dumps to heat-tolerant corals.


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