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Trinity College builds on its 400-year-old tradition of scholarship to confirm its position as one of the great universities of the world, providing a liberal environment where independence of thought is highly valued and where staff and students are nurtured as individuals and are encouraged to achieve their full potential.

The College is committed to excellence in both research and teaching, to the enhancement of the learning experience of each of its students and to an inclusive College community with equality of access for all. The College will continue to disseminate its knowledge and expertise to the benefit of the City of Dublin, the country and the international community.


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A heavy dose of power can do strange things to a leader’s head. Wolfgang Wildner

Too much power can do very odd things to a leader’s head

World leaders who make war tend to have a particular personality profile called “high need for power”. American presidents who show this need have, throughout history, been more likely to take their country…
What hope for peace in Syria? Henry Patton

Psychology and the chance of bringing peace to Syria

How can we explain the level of savagery that has been seen in Syria? And how on earth do the negotiators in Geneva hope to bridge an abyss of cruelty and suffering that has seen more than 100,000 people…


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