Universidade de Lisboa

The Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) founded on July 2013 has been the result of a merger process between the former Technical University of Lisbon (UTL) and the University of Lisbon (UL). ULisboa extends the continuity of both institutions recognized scientific and cultural traditions.

As a privileged space of science and knowledge, the ULisboa is today, one of the major institutions of Higher Education in Europe and one of the leading University in the country.

ULisboa is deeply involved with Portuguese society and with Lisbon Metropolitan Area. So we cannot dissociate ULisboa from the city where it is situated – Lisboa.

In 1288, the first Portuguese University was established in Lisbon. In 1537, the University was transferred to Coimbra. From the late eighteenth century, higher education was reestablished in the capital, Lisbon. With the first Republic , in 1911, Universidade de Lisboa was born and, later on, in 1930, was founded, the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa , both resulting from more than seven centuries of history. History that was heritage by the ULisboa .