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University of Alberta

The University of Alberta in Edmonton is one of Canada’s top teaching and research universities, with an international reputation for excellence across the humanities, sciences, creative arts, business, engineering, and health sciences. Home to 39,000 students and 15,000 faculty and staff, the university has an annual budget of $1.84 billion and attracts nearly $450 million in sponsored research revenue. The U of A offers close to 400 rigorous undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in 18 faculties on five campuses—including one rural and one francophone campus. The university has more than 275,000 alumni worldwide. The university and its people remain dedicated to the promise made in 1908 by founding president Henry Marshall Tory that knowledge shall be used for “uplifting the whole people.”


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Le 15 janvier 2020, dans les environs de Budgong, en Nouvelle-Galles du Sud (Australie). SAEED KHAN/AFP

Après les incendies, le casse-tête de la pollution des eaux

Avec les feux de forêt, la présence massive de cendres et de sédiments dans les cours d’eau constitue une menace pour l’approvisionnement hydrique des populations.
The Rim Fire burned 256,000 acres of the Stanislaus National Forest and Yosemite National Park in 2013. (USDA Forest Service, Chris Stewart)

Buried in mud: Wildfires threaten North American water supplies

Wildfires reduce the reliability of city water supplies in North America. But active forest management provides a key to the solution.
Saoirse Ronan, from left, Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig are seen in the audience at the Oscars on Feb. 9, 2020, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

Oscar snub of ‘Little Women’ shows the limits of Hollywood feminism

Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women gives us perhaps the most explicitly feminist take to date on the classic novel, highlighting the value of women’s joy and labour.
Industrial activities like mining, fossil fuel combustion, and cement production release mercury into the environment. Shutterstock

Plants safely store toxic mercury. Bushfires and climate change bring it back into our environment

Plants can store mercury and keep it from contaminating waterways, air and soils. Unfortunately, that mercury is released when plants burn.
Le Goop Lab sera lancé le 24 janvier 2020 : il sera probablement rempli de pensées magiques et d'histoires de santé non prouvées - ce qui en fait un énorme conflit d'intérêts pour Gwyneth Paltrow. Shutterstock

Le Goop Lab de Gwyneth Paltrow : une infopub pour son entreprise douteuse

La controversée série Goop Lab, bientôt sur Netflix, permettra à Gwyneth Paltrow de consolider la marque Goop, dont la valeur est estimée à 250 millions de dollars US.
The Goop Lab launches Jan. 24, 2020: it will likely be full of magical thinking and unproven health stories — making it a huge conflict of interest for Gwyneth Paltrow. (Shutterstock)

Gwyneth Paltrow’s new Goop Lab is an infomercial for her pseudoscience business

Gwyneth Paltrow's new Netflix series, The Goop Lab, raises serious questions about the spread of health misinformation as well as the conflict of interest the show represents.
A replica of Nubian Tribute Presented to the King, Tomb of Huy, showing Nubians with their children paying tribute to the Egyptian Pharaoh. Based on the original from circa 1353–1327 B.C. (Wikimedia)

Children in the ancient Middle East were valued and vulnerable — not unlike children today

Coming to a greater understanding of children in ancient history raises important questions for how societies respond — or not — to children's vulnerability.
BoJack / Shutterstock

¿Son felices nuestras mascotas?

Los científicos están comenzando a ser capaces de interpretar con exactitud las expresiones faciales de los animales y de entender lo que comunican.
Technology can be used to support the caregivers of people living with dementia, however, developers and designers need to take caregiver needs into consideration. Shutterstock

Using technology to support caregivers of older people with dementia

Technological solutions may help to relieve the burden of care for family, service providers and caregivers working with the elderly.
La marche conjointe historique dans l’espace de deux femmes astronautes à l’extérieur de la Station spatiale n’a pas eu lieu parce que la station ne disposait pas de combinaisons spatiales adaptées aux deux femmes. NASA

La diversité est indispensable dans la recherche au Canada

Malgré les preuves des avantages de la diversité fondée sur le sexe, la race et d'autres facteurs au sein des équipes de recherche, les critiques sur les avantages des programmes d'équité persistent.
The historic joint spacewalk of two female astronauts outside the International Space Station was thwarted because the station did not have space suits that fit both women. NASA

Diversity is indispensable to excellence: The Canada Research Chairs program

Despite the hard evidence of the excellent benefits of gender, racial and other diversity on research teams, public criticism on the benefits of equity and diversity programs still exists.
Research with almost 500,000 women in Alberta, Canada, reveals connections between fainting in pregnancy and medical problems in both mother and child. (Unsplash/Chris Benson)

Fainting during pregnancy can be risky for mother and child

Research shows fainting in pregnancy may be associated with medical problems for the child at birth and heart conditions in the mother post delivery.
The 1988 Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA) was meant to prevent video rental businesses from sharing their rental records and clients’ information; if companies were caught violating the VPPA, they risked a fine. Shutterstock

Online viewer privacy is regulated by an act originally designed to protect video rentals

Internet privacy laws are partially governed by the VPPA, which was implemented to protect consumers renting videos. While the technology has changed, amendments place the consumer at a disadvantage.
Ultimately, just as in pregnancy, there is no known safe level of alcohol consumption while breastfeeding. (Shutterstock)

Is it safe to drink alcohol while breastfeeding?

Does beer help a new mother's milk come in? Does 'pumping and dumping' allow you to drink and breast-feed? A doctor sorts the evidence from the myth.
We need many more funded research studies to fully understand exactly how CBD might play a role in the treatment of opioid use disorder. (AP Photo/Susan Montoya Bryan, File)

Cannabis: Misinformation about CBD can be life-threatening

There is no evidence yet that cannabidiol (CBD) is effective in treating heroin addiction, despite news headlines claiming this.


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