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Membres du Mouvement de la Sape, acronyme de « Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elégantes » en 2014. Ils font régulièrement l'objet de mèmes en RDC. Junior D. Kannah/AFP

Comment les mèmes en RDC permettent de tourner en dérision les puissants et les tares de la société

L’humour est un moyen pour les internautes congolais de faire de l’autodérision mais aussi de se moquer des puissants en dépit de la censure.
Detail of an Aneliese Scherz photograph from 1930s Namibia. Anneliese Scherz/Basler Afrika Bibliographien Scherz Collection

Reframing women in Namibia’s early history of photography

Images of white Namibian farmers and their workers and a collection of portraits by travelling black photographers form part of the early archive.
There’s more you could donate besides blood, organs and tissue. Cropped from pulmonary_pathology/flickr

Why you should donate your data (as well as your organs) when you die

Most people know they can donate their organs after they pass away. But what about their medical data? For National Donor Day, we suggest countries create national databases of data donors.
A sailor walking among African captives in the hold of a slave ship. From the book Revelations of a Slave Smuggler published in 1860. Shutterstock

The story of East Africa’s role in the transatlantic slave trade

The Portuguese slave ship São José, which sank off Cape Town, was one of many vessels that either rounded the Cape or pulled into Table Bay for refreshment during the Transatlantic slave trade.


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