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The University of British Columbia is a global centre for research and teaching, consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world. Since 1915, UBC’s West Coast spirit has embraced innovation and questioned the status quo. With close to 63,000 students from 160 countries and more than 5,400 faculty on two campuses in Vancouver and the Okanagan, UBC is a place where bold thinking develops into ideas that can change the world. Its entrepreneurial perspective encourages students, staff and faculty to challenge convention, lead discovery and explore new ways of learning.


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La gentillesse, du point de vue des jeunes enfants, est un acte de soutien émotionnel ou physique qui aide à établir ou à maintenir des relations avec les autres. Shutterstock

Ce que 3 000 enfants et adolescents m'ont appris sur la gentillesse

La gentillesse, du point de vue des jeunes enfants, est un acte de soutien émotionnel ou physique qui aide à établir ou à maintenir des relations avec les autres.
Global synchronization of food production negatively impacts food security. Shutterstock

Synchronizing food production can have disastrous effects

Governments need to think about global ways agricultural policies may affect the stability of the food system as a whole, beyond locally focused efforts to increase resilience in production.
Les hommes sont plus susceptibles que les femmes de souhaiter une relation libre. Shutterstock

Envie d'une relation libre ? Vous n'êtes pas seul!

Entre fantasme et réalité: les Canadiens sont presque trois fois plus susceptibles de souhaiter une relation libre que d'en avoir une. Seul 2,4% d'entre eux vivent une telle relation.
Kindness, from the perspective of young children, is an act of emotional or physical support that helps build or maintain relationships with others. (Shutterstock_

Kindness: What I’ve learned from 3,000 children and adolescents

Students hear about bullying, but how about kindness? An education researcher developed a model for encouraging intentional kindness is the classroom.
Bank swallows, like this juvenile, may become endangered unless habitat loss and other threats are reduced. Shutterstock

How birders helped pinpoint hotspots for migratory bird conservation

A collection of millions of bird sightings has identified the best places to invest in conservation.
Les escaliers de béton sont souvent en panne… Shutterstock

Nous sommes programmés pour la paresse

Vous préférez rester affalé devant votre télévision plutôt que de suer à la salle de sport ? Vos lointains ancêtres pourraient bien être (un peu) responsables de votre manque de motivation…
Panel-panel surya menyediakan energi di desa ini, tapi mereka akan menjadi usang ketika jaringan listrik nasional tiba di sana. Shutterstock

Tanpa perencanaan yang baik, masa depan infrastruktur energi terbarukan tak menentu

Desentralisasi energi telah dipuji di banyak negara maju sebagai pelopor demokratisasi energi, tapi gambaran itu sangat berbeda di negara-negara berkembang.
Students walk past a cross on campus at Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C., in February 2017. The school was at the centre of a court battle pitting equality rights against freedom of religion. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

The legal conflict between equality rights and freedom of religion

We must acknowledge that shifting historically vulnerable groups away from the margins means making room in spaces where these groups have not traditionally been welcomed.
Honey can carry clues about where pollutants come from. (Shutterstock)

How clean is your city? Just ask the bees

Urban pollutants are a health concern in growing cities. Scientists are turning to honey bees to help monitor contaminants in soil, water, air and plants.
Carbon taxes on fossil fuels such as gasoline help lower greenhouse gas emissions. (Shutterstock)

Here’s what the carbon tax means for you

Environmental taxes encourage consumers to conserve energy or switch to less carbon-intensive fuels.
Jazmine Headley, center, who had her toddler yanked from her arms by police at a social services centre said that she went into ‘defence mode.’ Here she joins attorney Brian Neary and her mother, Jacqueline Jenkins, outside a courthouse in Trenton, N.J., Dec. 12, 2018. (AP Photo/Mike Catalini)

Raising children under suspicion and criminalization

In protecting their children, low-income Black mothers risk being viewed as irrationally overprotective and simultaneously neglectful.
L'asthme touche environ 339 millions de personnes dans le monde, dont cette fillette. Un nouveau médicament promet de réduire les risques de crise et pourrait éventuellement permettre aux patients de réduire leur dépendance aux stéroïdes. Shutterstock

Un nouveau médicament prometteur pour réduire les crises d'asthme

L'asthme touche environ 339 millions de personnes dans le monde. Un nouveau médicament promet de réduire les risques de crise et permettre aux patients de réduire leur dépendance aux stéroïdes.
These photovoltaics panels provide this village with energy now, but they could become obsolete when the main grid arrives. (Shutterstock)

The future of renewable infrastructure is uncertain without good planning

Small-scale renewable energy projects can power rural areas not connected to the main grid. But investors may hesitate if future electrification remains unpredictable.
Research published in Science Translational Medicine in February 2019 used a virtual patient to test the drug, Fevipiprant. (Shutterstock)

A new drug promises to lower risks of asthma attack

Asthma affects around 339 million people worldwide. A new drug promises to lower risks of asthma attack and may eventually allow patients to reduce their dependence on steroids.
Ellie, un caniche âgé de 4 ans, aime les nombreuses caresses administrées par des étudiants faisant partie d'un programme de thérapie canine, à l’Université de la Colombie britannique. (Freya L. L. Green)

Pourquoi il est bon d'avoir des «thérapeutes canins» sur nos campus universitaires

Soixante équipes de « thérapeutes canins » proposent aux étudiants des programmes visant à réduire leur stress et le décrochage, et à améliorer leur bien-être.
Palliative radiation therapy is effective regardless of a patient’s original cancer site (for example breast, lung or kidney) and is usually delivered in one to 10 daily doses. (Shutterstock)

Cancer pain can be eased by palliative radiation therapy

Palliative radiation therapy can improve a cancer patient's life, by alleviating pain and other symptoms. Unfortunately, some doctors associate the term with end-of-life care and fail to refer people.

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