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University of California, San Diego

At the University of California San Diego, we constantly push boundaries and challenge expectations. Established in 1960, UC San Diego has been shaped by exceptional scholars who aren’t afraid to take risks and redefine conventional wisdom. Today, as one of the top 15 research universities in the world, we are driving innovation and change to advance society, propel economic growth and make our world a better place. Learn more at


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Letting AI do the dirty work of programming frees students to work on problem-solving. Issarawat Tattong/Moment via Getty Images

AI helps students skip right to the good stuff in this intro programming course

Learning to program requires mastering the nitty-gritty of code syntax. Generative AI turns out to be good at that. Adding AI to intro programming courses frees students to focus on problem-solving.
Electroconvulsive therapy involves inducing a controlled seizure under anesthesia. Inkoly/iStock via Getty Images Plus

How electroconvulsive therapy heals the brain − new insights into ECT, a stigmatized yet highly effective treatment for depression

Electroconvulsive therapy often evokes inaccurate images of seizing bodies and smoking ears. Better understanding of how it reduces depression symptoms can illuminate new ways to treat mental illness.
Astronautas trabalham no módulo US.Lab, na Estação Espacial Interrnacional: é nesse espaço que os minicérebros da equipe do brasileiro Alysson Muotri são pesquisados, e que poderá contar com a presença dele próprio no ano que vem, com apoio do Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação. NASA via AP

Próxima fase de pesquisa sobre células cerebrais no espaço poderá ter brasileiro a bordo da Estação Espacial Internacional. Conheça a sua história

Equipe coordenada por cientista brasileiro observa comportamento de células na Estação Espacial Internacional (ISS), e avança na compreensão do mecanismo de doenças como o Alzheimer e o Parkinson.
Astronomers can estimate ages for stars outside the Solar System, but not planets. Corbis Historical via Getty Images

How do astronomers know the age of the planets and stars?

Measuring the ages of planets and stars is tricky. An observational astrophysicist describes the subtle clues that provide good estimates for how old different space objects are.
J. Robert Oppenheimer a été surnommé « le père de la bombe atomique ». Bettmann via Getty Images

Oppenheimer, une obsession américaine

Dans la culture américaine, la fascination pour l’homme à l’origine de la bombe semble souvent éclipser l’horrible réalité des armes nucléaires elles-mêmes.
It’s tempting to envision orcas attacking yachts as the forward troops in an animal uprising. Jackson Roberts/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Memes about animal resistance are everywhere — here’s why you shouldn’t laugh off rebellious orcas and sea otters too quickly

A few marine mammals in apparent revolt pushed meme-makers into overdrive. But a scholar who thinks about justice and human-animal relations suggests something deeper is behind the schadenfreude.
Habitat loss has driven Asian elephants, like these foraging at a garbage dump in Sri Lanka, into human areas. Lakruwan Wanniarachchi/AFP via Getty Images

Human activities in Asia have reduced elephant habitat by nearly two-thirds since 1700, dividing what remains into ever-smaller patches

A new study looks back into history to assess human impacts on the range of Asian elephants and finds sharp decline starting several centuries ago.


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