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University of Denver

The University of Denver, founded in 1864, is the oldest and largest private university in the Rocky Mountain Region of the United States. DU offers innovative and rigorous undergraduate, graduate and professional programs.


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Some preschoolers are encouraged to bring in their favorite toy or stuffed animal, while others risk having it confiscated. Layland Masuda/Moment Collection via Getty Images

Rich kids and poor kids face different rules when it comes to bringing personal items to school

When students are allowed to bring personal items for show and tell, it can build their senses of self-worth, belonging and control. But poor kids often don’t get that opportunity.
Los líderes de Zimbabue reciben a expertos chinos de la COVID-19 en el Aeropuerto Internacional Robert Mugabe en Harare el 11 de mayo de 2020. Jekesai Njikizana/AFP via Getty Images

La «diplomacia de las mascarillas» de China gana influencia en África durante la pandemia

China está proporcionando mascarillas, vacunas, equipos médicos y personal a los países africanos ignorados por Estados Unidos en los últimos años, colocándose como socio esencial para la región.
Los aledaños del Capitolio de los Estados Unidos el 6 d enero de 2021. Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

¿Es el asalto al Capitolio un golpe de Estado?

Los partidarios de Trump irrumpieron en el Capitolio de los EE.UU. el 6 de enero, interrumpiendo la certificación de Joe Biden como presidente electo. Los autores, expertos en golpes de estado, explican que esta insurrección violenta no fue técnicamente un golpe.
Devant le Capitole à Washington, le 6 janvier 2021. Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

L’assaut du Capitole, manifestation frappante de la fragilité de la démocratie américaine

Techniquement, la prise du Capitole par des partisans de Donald Trump ce 6 janvier n’a pas été un coup d’État. L’événement n’en révèle pas moins la grande fragilité de la démocratie américaine.
The nonprofit International Community Health Services medical clinic in Seattle provides care for uninsured people. Photo by Karen Ducey/Getty Images

Abused children and partners, people with mental illness are all especially vulnerable with stay-at-home orders from coronavirus

Different groups in society can suffer from social distancing practices. That includes higher risk of domestic violence, child abuse and mental health problems.
Dua CubeSats, bagian dari sebuah konstelasi yang dibangun dan dioperasikan oleh Planet Labs Inc. untuk mengambil gambar Bumi, diluncurkan dari Stasiun Luar Angkasa Internasional pada 17 Mei 2016. NASA

Ancaman keamanan siber: peretas mampu mematikan satelit atau mengubahnya menjadi senjata

Beberapa analis telah mulai mengadvokasi keterlibatan pemerintah yang kuat dalam pengembangan dan pengaturan standar keamanan siber dan dunia maya untuk satelit dan aset luar angkasa lainnya.
Harvey Weinstein leaves the court after prosecutors completed their closing argument in his rape trial on Feb. 14, 2020. AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Weinstein trial begs a question: Why is the pain of women and minorities often ignored?

Studies show the physical and emotional pain of minorities and women is often discounted by both the U.S. justice and health care systems. That has serious consequences.
Two CubeSats, part of a constellation built and operated by Planet Labs Inc. to take images of Earth, were launched from the International Space Station on May 17, 2016. NASA

Hackers could shut down satellites – or turn them into weapons

SpaceX and other companies are rushing to put thousands of small, inexpensive satellites in orbit, but pressure to keep costs low and a lack of regulation leave those satellites vulnerable to hackers.
Harvey Weinstein leaves for the day during his trial on charges of rape and sexual assault, in New York, Jan. 28, 2020. AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

Harvey Weinstein’s ‘false memory’ defense is not backed by science

As women began to come forward with experiences of rape and abuse, backlash came forward too. The notion of ‘false memory’ developed to explain away assault. Here’s why that notion itself is untrue.
Intimate violence victims fare better with coordinated help. Shutterstock, photo illustration by Dragana Gordic

Don’t make intimate violence victims look for help – research shows they fare better when police and community organizations coordinate assistance

Women and children remain vulnerable to harm even after intimate violence has occurred. Coordinating a community’s response can help avoid educational, employment, social, housing and legal problems.


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