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University of Guelph

The University of Guelph is ranked as one of Canada’s top comprehensive universities because of our commitment to student learning and innovative research. We are dedicated to cultivating the essentials for our quality of life - water, food, environment, animal and human health, community, commerce, culture and learning. The University community also shares a profound sense of social responsibility, an obligation to address global issues and a concern for international development.


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Manifestants argentins lors d'une manifestation contre la violence faite aux femmes, en 2007. Ils portent des photos de victimes de féminicides. (AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko)

La maison est l’endroit le plus dangereux pour les femmes… mais il y a un lien avec la violence publique

La violence privée et la violence publique garantissent que les femmes et les filles « restent à leur place » – celle que les structures sociales patriarcales ont prescrite.
Canoes are stacked for the winter on the Fort Hope First Nation in Northern Ontario, located in the Ring of Fire. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz

Will debt, liability and Indigenous action see the sun set on the Ring of Fire?

Noront Resources share prices are climbing, but so too is Indigenous opposition to its proposing mining projects in the Ring of Fire. Now the mine’s viability is being called into question.
Jesse Popp is an Indigenous scholar who is regularly inundated with requests for input and assistance. Here she shares a few things you should consider before reaching out to an Indigenous scholar. (Jesse Popp)

Want to reach out to an Indigenous scholar? Awesome! But first, here are 10 things to consider

As people recognize the value in weaving together knowledge systems and move towards reconciliation, Indigenous Peoples are being increasingly approached.
Beberapa program secara tidak langsung telah membantu mencegah emisi gas rumah kaca dan membantu masyarakat beradaptasi. Berbagai negara dunia harus mulai memperhatikan ini untuk memahami seberapa dekat kita dengan Perjanjian Paris. (Shutterstock)

COP26: Bagaimana dunia mengukur kemajuan aksi iklim Perjanjian Paris dan memastikan akuntabilitas setiap negara

Setiap lima tahun sekali, beberapa negara harus mengevaluasi kemajuan mereka menuju misi Perjanjian Paris. Tetapi pengadaannya kurang detail sehingga kemajuan dalam aksi iklim sulit diukur.
Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth, an Ottawa family doctor who hosted several pop-up COVID-19 vaccination clinics, speaks in Ottawa in August 2021 during JabaPalooza, a rally calling on Ontario to adopt a provincial COVID-19 vaccine mandate. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang

How regulatory agencies, not the courts, are imposing COVID-19 vaccine mandates

The decisions of medical health-care professionals like doctors and nurse practitioners are more legally significant than ever before since they are determining vaccination exemptions.
High-touch surfaces in grocery stores were tested as a potential transmission point for SARS-CoV-2. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Christopher Katsarov 

Testing high-touch surfaces in grocery stores for COVID-19

The risk of COVID-19 exposure from high-touch surfaces within grocery stores is low if physical distancing guidelines and recommended cleaning protocols are followed.
A waitress wears a mask while carrying drinks for guests inside the Blu Martini restaurant in Kingston, Ont., in July 2021. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Lars Hagberg

Worker shortage? Or poor work conditions? Here’s what’s really vexing Canadian restaurants

Should the chronic hiring struggles of Canadian restaurants be referred to as a labour shortage, or can it be more accurately portrayed as a retention issue fuelled by a lack of decent work?
An effective approach to allergy communications is for servers to ask customers about food allergies. (Shutterstock)

3 ways restaurant staff and customers can communicate to prevent food allergy reactions

Dining out can be risky and stressful for people with allergies, in part because many restaurant employees lack the training, skills and confidence to manage food allergies safely and effectively.
Some programs or activities may inadvertently help curb greenhouse gas emissions or help communities adapt. Countries must take stock of these if we are to fully understand how close we are to meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. (Shutterstock)

COP26: How the world will measure progress on the Paris climate agreement and keep countries accountable

Every five years nations must evaluate their progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement. But this “stocktake” lacks detail making it difficult to measure progress on climate action.
Une peur des aiguilles non maîtrisée est très pénible à vivre et peut influencer les choix en matière de soins de santé. Des méthodes fondées sur la science peuvent aider les gens à surmonter leur phobie et à se faire vacciner. Shutterstock

La peur des piqûres peut freiner la vaccination contre la Covid-19. Mais il existe des stratégies pour la gérer

Une personne sur 10 a une grande peur des aiguilles, au point de perturber les campagnes de vaccination. Mais il existe des moyens efficaces de gérer la douleur et l’angoisse.
Anishinaabe musician Melody McKiver. plays at the Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax, May 2018. (Steve Louie/Flickr)

Musical communities and improvisation: ‘Finding a way out of no way’ in this year of precarious living

Meditations on improvisation in a year of both COVID-19 and what some called ‘the other pandemic’ of racism push us to go deeper to find ways to sustain healthy public common life.


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