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University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts is a world-class public research university committed to advancing knowledge and transforming lives. Through its world-class educational programs, groundbreaking research enterprise and its impactful community service and industry engagement activities, UMass harnesses the revolutionary spirit of Massachusetts to deliver an unparalleled student experience.

With four comprehensive undergraduate and graduate campuses, a top-ranked medical school and a mission-driven law school, each campus offers a dynamic educational experience in a uniquely Massachusetts location, from the coastal town of Dartmouth to the international hub of Boston, from the vibrant mill cities of Lowell and Worcester to the bucolic hills of Amherst. Rigorous academic programs in a broad range of fields prepare students to contribute to their communities, thrive in a new economy and change the world.


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Members of the Forward Marching Band perform at a HONK! Festival in Somerville, Massachusetts, on Oct. 7, 2017. Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Building something better: How community organizing helps people thrive in challenging times

Organizers across the US are finding innovative grassroots strategies for helping people thrive. Many of these ventures emphasize working together as part of communities and collective systems.
Inti dari pendidikan adalah untuk memungkinkan pelajar muda untuk menjadi baik, memberi anggota masyarakat. David Brewster/Star Tribune via Getty Images

Kenapa anak-anak harus pergi ke sekolah?

Prinsip inti pendidikan adalah untuk memungkinkan siswa menjadi anggota yang baik, memberi dan berkontribusi pada komunitas mereka dan dunia.
Performance-based funding for colleges is widespread. But does it work? MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images

Racial gaps in college graduation widened under funding model meant to boost performance

Some states fund their public colleges based on how well the schools perform on key metrics. New research raises questions about how that affects outcomes for students from different racial groups.
The core of education is to enable young learners to be kind, giving members of society. David Brewster/Star Tribune via Getty Images

Why do kids have to go to school?

The core principle of education is to enable students to become kind, giving and contributing members of their community and the world.
La lucha por el derecho al aborto parece que se trasladará desde el Tribunal Supremo hasta las cámaras estatales. Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

¿Qué consecuencias puede tener el borrador sobre el aborto filtrado desde el Tribunal Supremo de EE. UU.?

Si el Tribunal Supremo de los Estados Unidos anula las sentencias históricas que establecen el derecho constitucional al aborto, la lucha legal se trasladará a los tribunales estatales.


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