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University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota is a research-intensive institution based in the US city of Minneapolis-St Paul. It is a member institution of the American Association of Universities.

The university is broadly organized into 19 colleges and schools, and it has sister campuses in Crookston, Duluth, Morris, and Rochester. The University’s enrollment has reached 64,964 but a 16-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio.

Contributing to the University’s academic prestige are 20 Nobel Laureates, 86 Guggenheim Fellows, and 2 MacArthur “Geniuses” currently on campus.

The world’s largest collections of Sherlock Holmes literature, artifacts, and memorabilia are housed in the University’s Andersen Library.

Minnesota’s athletic teams are known collectively as the Minnesota Golden Gophers and compete in the NCAA’s Division I as members of the Big Ten Conference.


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Job done: COP21 president Laurent Fabius. Reuters/Stephane Mahe

Historic Paris climate pact reached – experts react

At the Paris climate talks, the world has signed up to the first truly global treaty to tackle global warming. Our experts react.
Hungry for more than just the turkey. Turkey image via

Expert roundtable: the psychological benefits of our Thanksgiving rituals

Our panel discusses the benefits of gathering for an annual holiday meal. Traditions and rituals give us a sense of identity and closeness with those we love – and come with mental and physical health benefits too.
Les migrations, animales et humaines, sont parties intégrantes de l'histoire de la vie. Counselling/Pixabay

Une nouvelle ère de migrations s’ouvre, et pas seulement pour les humains

Les migrations ne sont pas le propre de l’homme. Sur notre planète, les espèces circulent, notamment en raison des aléas du climat. Préparons-nous à accueillir les migrants du futur, bêtes et hommes.
To meet global demand, grain production needs to double by 2050. It’s not going to make it. International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center

Crop crisis: Why global grain demand will outstrip supply

Since the time of Malthus, humanity has worried whether there would be enough food to feed the growing population. Such fears were always overcome and doomsayers all proven wrong: there was always more…
At the heart of debates about whether to get the flu shot is the question of its effectiveness. Rachel Strum

The heart of the matter: how effective is the flu jab really?

Facts about Flu - We’ve considered all kinds of matters related to influenza this week. Now to the heart of the matter. People who think influenza vaccines are highly effective may have been surprised…
Creating the universal flu vaccine will require more than innovation in science. Joel Kramer

The Holy Grail of influenza research: a universal flu vaccine

Facts about Flu - What if you needed just one flu shot to protect you from pandemic as well as the yearly seasonal flu viruses in circulation? Imagine you could only identify people by their jackets. Once…
Students’ opinions should matter to their teachers. Jeremy Wilburn

Yes, you are entitled to your opinion … and I want to hear it

Every semester, I enter my classroom with almost zero knowledge of my students’ interests. So as a rhetoric and writing teacher, I ask them to employ that which is most beneficial to them in their lives…


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