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Social sciences play a key role in preventing zoonotic diseases from spreading to people from animals. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Why ‘One Health’ needs more social sciences: Pandemic prevention depends on behaviour as well as biology

Pandemics often have animal origins, so prevention is often dominated by health and veterinary sciences. However, social sciences’ role in understanding human behaviour is also crucial to prevention.
Mpho Molutsi, de la Children’s Radio Foundation, lors d'une émission en direct à Johannesburg. Gulshan Khan/AFP/Getty Images

100 ans de radio en Afrique : de la propagande au pouvoir populaire

Avec une histoire politique tumultueuse, la radio est aujourd'hui la première source d'information en Afrique.
Mpho Molutsi from the Children’s Radio Foundation during a live community broadcast in Johannesburg. Gulshan Khan/AFP/Getty Images

100 years of radio in Africa: from propaganda to people’s power

With a dramatic political history, radio is today the number one source of news in Africa.
L'action en faveur du climat permettra de réduire la pollution de l'air en Afrique. James Wakibia / Getty Images

Un nouveau rapport montre comment la lutte contre le changement climatique peut améliorer la santé publique en Afrique

L'Afrique peut limiter l'impact du climat sur la santé en prenant 37 mesures approuvées par les ministres de l'environnement.
Climate action will check air pollution in Africa. James Wakibia / Getty Images

Tackling climate change can improve public health in Africa – new report highlights how

Africa can check climate impact on health by taking 37 actions endorsed by environment ministers.
People march with a banner that reads in Spanish ‘Stop the adjustment, out with the IMF,’ in Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 9, 2023. (AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano)

Improving how the IMF does business could help billions of people worldwide — by giving governments money to spend on public goods and increasing accountability. Podcast

The conditions placed on countries borrowing money from the International Monetary Fund have further disadvantaged these countries economically.
The pandemic and a health workers’ strike disrupted essential health services. Donwilson Odhiambo/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

COVID and health workers’ strike: how Kenya’s health services coped in times of crisis

Outpatient visits, screening and diagnostic services, and child immunisation were particularly negatively affected.


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