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University of Niigata Prefecture

The University of Niigata Prefecture was established in April 2009 in order to adequately respond to these rapid changes taking place in the global situation and at the same time contribute to the revitalization of our region through the pursuit of creative educational and research activities.

The roots of regional prosperity can be found in the development of the region’s people. As we move further into the age of global competition, bearers of their own local development need to have international perspectives (such as foreign language ability and global viewpoint), a deep understanding of the region, and the rich human qualities that are so important for living and working together with other people, regardless of whether they are from Japan or abroad.

With this in mind, following the Basic Principles of “Development of an International Perspective,” “Regional Emphasis,” and “Development of Human Qualities,” at our university, we are striving to nurture graduates who can resolve various issues so that our prefecture can become both an exchange hub for East Asian countries and a place where people choose to live because of the excellent child-raising environment and the long and healthy lives enjoyed by residents.

To achieve all this, our faculty members are united in their commitment to providing an education tailored to the needs of each individual student and to creating an environment in which students can actively encourage and engage with one another as they learn together.