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University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Teaching has taken place at Oxford since 1096. Oxford has the largest volume of world-leading research in the country, rating top in the REF power rankings published by Research Fortnight. Oxford’s research involves more than 70 departments, almost 1,800 academic staff, more than 5,000 research and research support staff, and more than 5,600 graduate research students. The University has 38 independent colleges to which undergraduate and graduate students belong. Oxford has the highest research income from external sponsors of any UK university: £478.3m in 2013/14. The University has pioneered the successful commercial exploitation of academic research and invention, creating more than 100 companies, and files more patents each year than any other UK university.


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Five Uyghur suspects have been detained in relation to a Tiananmen Square incident earlier this month. What do we know about the ethnic minority? Weibo/@jing_oppa

Ethnic violence and the rise of Uyghur tensions in China

Flash occurrences of ethnic violence are on the rise in China. Last month, five Uyghur suspects were detained in connection with a car explosion in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, which claimed the lives of…
Now who is helping with inquiries? PA Wire

Question of trust: police find themselves in the frame

The fall-out from “plebgate” continues. What originally looked like a simple story of political arrogance turns out to have complex layers of police misconduct and mismanagement. Over the weekend it was…
ABC, easy as 1 to 9? albertogp123

New-look exams from Gove, same old political ambition

Having floated ideas about return to O-level style examinations and an English baccalaureate certificate, education secretary Michael Gove has given in to opposition and stuck with the GCSE. But the reforms…
Cyber-crime knows no borders and nor should our defences. dirkb86

Nations can no longer afford to go it alone on cyber-security

Senior representatives from more than 90 governments met in Seoul recently to discuss cyber-space, including cyber-security and cyber-crime. It was the third in a series of international conferences that…
Fructose is associated with US obesity rise but Europe allows health claims. Macz_out

EU Fructose ruling means dodgy health claims are easier to make

An EU decision to allow health claims to be made about fructose has angered obesity experts who blame the fruit sugar for rising obesity levels in the US. The decision allows food and drink manufacturers…
In them, began life. University of Utah

Chemists show life on Earth was not a fluke

How life came about from inanimate sets of chemicals is still a mystery. While we may never be certain which chemicals existed on prebiotic Earth, we can study the biomolecules we have today to give us…
Emotional fallout: undervalued, paid less and under pressure to look good. Christine Cassis

Women suffer more from mental illness but it suits us to ignore it

Martin Baggaley pulled no punches last week in his assessment of the dire state of mental health. The Medical Director of the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust said the system was in crisis, inefficient…
Get your fill of energy. kfoodaddict

Jelly-making protein could help make cheap fuel cells

New research shows that a catalyst made from gelatin, the same protein used to make jelly desserts, helps fuel cells be more efficient. This may offer a cheap alternative to the expensive metal-based fuel…
Will the sun set on migratory songbird hunting, or the birds themselves? ONDR

Ending songbird slaughter? There’s an app for that

In an article for National Geographic and a forthcoming documentary film, author and birder Jonathan Franzen ponders the slaughter of migratory songbirds around the Mediterranean, and asks how it can be…
CCS needs a shot in the arm now the vaunted project at Mongstad was cancelled. Øyvind Hagen/Statoil

Trillion-tonne budget means carbon capture is not optional

Agreeing on their fifth assessment report two weeks ago, the 195 member governments of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change accepted that to meet their goal of limiting global warming to 2°C…
Bright colourful coral like this may soon disappear. USFWS Pacific

Global warming’s evil twin: ocean acidification

Greenhouse gas emissions have warmed the oceans in regions such as the Baltic by as much as 1.3°C. It is now thought that 90% of the heat added to the climate system by humans has been absorbed in the…
ICUs gather a lot of data, then throw it away. Norbert Kaiser

Better use of data would pull intensive care out of the 80s

If you’ve ever been to an intensive care unit you may have noticed that they are full of monitors. Each one is critical in examining a patient’s health, from the electrical conduction of their heart to…
What, you want all these new skyscrapers AND migrant rights? Omar Chatriwala

Less is more when it comes to migrant rights

This week the UN General Assembly is debating the global governance of international labour migration. This meeting is particularly timely, following reports of numerous deaths among Nepalese workers on…
Still together but the spark is gone. CoreForce

More of us are online, but we feel pretty meh about it

The number of people in Britain who are using the internet has risen substantially, reaching 78% of the population aged 14 years and over as compared with 59% in 2003. But according to the latest survey…
‘Hug a hoodie’ as David Cameron would say. ssoosay

Hard Evidence: has life got worse for young people?

Smoking, drinking and hanging around street corners is a common characterisation of a bored, unhealthy, unemployed youth. Life is getting worse for young people, we’re often led to believe, but what do…
How many English people did I conquer again?

We still need the census to tell us who we really are

This week the Office for National Statistics opened a consultation on the future of the decennial national census. Two options are on the table: continuing the census, but with a switch to online collection…
“Oh hi, Mike from accounts. I believe we have a 10.30 strategy briefing?”. Honda News

Machines on the march threaten almost half of modern jobs

Computers have been an important part of many industries for decades already and have replaced humans in many jobs. But a new wave of technological development means that even positions that we once saw…


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