University of Puerto Rico - Humacao

The University of Puerto Rico at Humacao (UPRH or UPR-Humacao) is a state university located in the municipality of Humacao, Puerto Rico. The campus is home to the UPRH Observatory. The university lies in the east of the island, highlighting the chemical-pharmaceutical and electronics as well as several areas of ecological and tourist value. To meet the demand for labor in that region UPRH offers baccalaureate programs unique in the UPR system in: Industrial Chemistry; Computational Mathematics; Physics Applied to Electronics; Coastal Marine Biology; Wildlife Management. Plus: Bachelor in Microbiology and General Biology; Baccalaureate in Nursing Sciences; Bachelor of Education; Bachelor of Social Sciences; Bachelor of Social Work; Bachelor of Business Administration; Associate Degree in Physical Therapy; Associate Degree in Occupational Therapy

The UPRH successful has been the scene of the Dove Project Sabanera, native species threatened with extinction, Project Moonboogie for designing a lunar vehicle and maintains the Microbial Observatory of the Salinas of Cabo Rojo sponsored by the National Science Foundation. It has a student body of roughly 4,500 people and a faculty of over 300.