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University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez

The University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (UPRM) or Recinto Universitario de Mayagüez (RUM) in Spanish is a land-grant, sea-grant, space-grant state university located in the city of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. UPRM is the second-largest university campus of the University of Puerto Rico system.

UPRM has been accredited since 1946. Today, UPRM continues its development in the best tradition of a land-grant institution. It is a co-educational, bilingual, and non-sectarian school comprising the Colleges of Agricultural Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Engineering and the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies. The College of Agricultural Sciences includes the Agricultural Experiment Station and the Agricultural Extension Service. In 2009, the campus population was composed of 12,108 students, 1,924 regular staff members and 1,037 members of the education staff. In 2013, the student population remained relatively steady at 11,838 in 2013, but the instructional faculty dropped to 684.


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Los autores del estudio recogiendo muestras en la Laguna Anones (Vieques, Puerto Rico). Fotografía por María Mari Narváez.

Descubren extrañas bacterias en una de las lagunas más contaminadas del planeta

El estudio de los microorganismos en ambientes degradados podría revelar nueva biodiversidad y ayudar a conocer mejor los procesos de restauración ambiental natural
Puerto Rico’s power utility, PREPA, has been decimated by years of scarcity and bad management. But will privatizing it really turn the lights back on for Puerto Ricans? AP Photo/Carlos Giusti

Why privatizing Puerto Rico’s power grid won’t solve its energy problems

Many Puerto Ricans are happy to see their broke power utility sold off to whoever can get the lights turned back on. But privatizing the island’s energy grid may bring more problems than relief.


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