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The University of Reading is one of the UK’s leading research universities – a global institution that enjoys a world-class reputation for research, teaching and enterprise. The University was established in 1892, received its Royal Charter in 1926, and is now a leading force in British and international higher education. With five campuses across three continents, the University is now home to 1,700 academic and research staff and 19,000 students from more than 150 countries.

The University conducts research across a wide variety of areas and is particularly celebrated as a world leader in areas such as agriculture, biological sciences, built environment, European histories and cultures, meteorology and climate change, and social sciences – including via Henley Business School.

The University is committed to pursuing research excellence between and across academic areas, with more than 50 interdisciplinary research institutes and centres, many of which are recognised as international centres of excellence.


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61 speeches and counting. Andy Rain/EPA

Queen’s Speech 2014: the experts respond

The government’s legislative plan for its final year has been set out in the Queen’s speech. It most notably contains a recall bill that will allow voters to sack MPs who are jailed or who have committed…
The IT Crowd, the latest example of the British interest in failure and embarrassment. Channel 4

British TV excels, but it hasn’t changed since the 60s

Although awards shows are all about the excitement of the moment – that’s why they’re live – this year’s Bafta television crop is more about continuity than revolution. There was mild controversy because…
I’m doing a straw poll. How much would you pay? Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive

Universities need more than a pledge to reduce student fees

I’m an unabashed political junkie. Who’s up, who’s down; who’s in, who’s out. Yet it’s fair to say that pretty much all the day-to-day policy spinning, posturing and firefighting rarely percolates outside…
Flooding as a result of wetter winters is set to continue. Steve Parsons/PA Archive

IPCC report: adapt to cope with climate change

Climate change is a serious threat to human safety and security according to the latest report from the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change. But also coming through loud and clear is that adaptation…
We’ll need a lot more than sandbags in years to come. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

What to expect from the latest IPCC impacts report

Senior scientists and government officials are meeting in Japan to finalise a new report on the impacts of climate change. It will be the first Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report in…
We’ll need computers to unravel this mystery. Ben Birchall/PA

Unpicking the autism puzzle by linking empathy to reward

Empathy is at the heart of human social life. It allows us to respond appropriately to others’ emotions and mental states. A perceived lack of empathy is also one of the symptoms that defines autism. Understanding…
More of this to come. Steve Parsons/PA Archive

Get used to flooding, climate change will bring more of it

Flooding continues to afflict many parts of southern Britain. Areas of the Somerset Levels have been submerged for weeks, large parts of the Thames Valley are under water and the River Severn is bursting…

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