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University of Salford

Salford is an ambitious university at the heart of a fast-developing community. Its expertise is helping to transform individuals and communities through teaching, research, innovation and engagement. Salford is at the forefront of this transformation, leading the way in areas such as health, energy, media and the built environment. 20,000 students contribute enormously to the local economy and the courses they study on are designed with employment in mind, helping them and the economy obtain real-world skills.


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Being sectioned in a mental hospital may not mean the best care. Truester

Patients sectioned for beds, but hospitals not the best place to be

Claims that doctors are sectioning mental health patients in order to get them access to beds on psychiatric wards amount to “more than anecdotal evidence”, according to a committee of MPs who have just…
Fame at last for the cast of Geordie Shore. Ian West/PA

Reality stars have their uses … for big business

The rise of social media over the past ten years has radically changed how we perceive “celebrities” and the corporate machine around them. While most of us understand what is meant by a “D-Lister”, complex…
The issue of suicides among people with mental illness is staring the media in the face. PA/Wannaoreao

We ignore the rise of suicide in people with mental illness

Despite public campaigns to combat stigma around mental illness, people with mental health problems still face ongoing discrimination. And while some sections of the media focus on mental illness in cases…
Many internet users don’t know what they’re clicking on. drubuntu

Malware hits new low with abuse image attacks

The Internet Watch Foundation, an organisation that aims to eliminate access to indecent images of children online, says it has received 227 reports in the past six weeks of business websites being compromised…
Prisoners’ mental health was identified as an issue in the 1700s. Pickersgill Reef

Police are unprepared to care for people with mental illness

As long ago as 1780, John Howard noted that prisons were housing more “idiots and lunatics” and emphasised the detrimental effects that this had on the prison regime for both sets of prisoners. But while…
An old sign, or the future of the internet? mikecogh

War on web porn obscures wider sexualisation of teens

Can we really separate a “nice” internet from a “bad” internet? That appears to be the thinking behind David Cameron’s statements foreshadowing the introduction of “porn filters” and search engine roadblocks…
Alcatraz has shut, but many more prisons have opened since in the US. Shobe834/Flickr

America’s penal arms race holds few lessons for the UK

It appears that Britain is following the United States in its addiction to the use of prison terms. The USA has led the way in the penal arms race with the introduction of such measures as “three strikes…
Jimmy Connors: even better than Tim Henman. Carine06

Forget Federer and Borg, stats show Connors is the greatest

The whole purpose of professional sport is to find out one thing. Football leagues, cup competitions and all sports tournaments around the globe are set up to answer the question that motivates the entire…
Mapping world domination. facebook

Facebook can calm angry investors by focusing on ads

At Facebook’s first annual general meeting since going public last year, chief executive Mark Zuckerberg faced a “barrage of complaints” from shareholders, worried that the value of their investment shows…
Studies have shown a connection between fiscal constraint and an increase in suicide. PA/Dominic Lipinski

The link between benefit cuts and suicide can’t be ignored

Stephanie Bottrill, aged 53, became another suicide statistic and a grim reminder of the harmful impact of the UK welfare reforms last month, according to reports. In her suicide note, it was said she…
It’s got nothing to do with your vorsprung durch technik you know. Despite the smart business model, German dominance of the Champions League may not last. flikr/lordkhan

Germans march on Wembley as masters of Europe – for now

The all-German Champions League final has predictably generated the usual discussions about the potential “dominance” of a particular nation’s league. But before non-German fans get into a panic, it’s…
Intellectually disabled children who undergo the “Ashley procedure” are stunted to prevent the onset of puberty. flickr/visions by vicky

Ashley’s treatment: the arrested development of a disabled child

A growing number of parents are seeking the “Ashley Treatment,” a highly experimental medical intervention designed to arrest the physical and sexual development of severely disabled children. This invasive…


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